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Prince William and Kate

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Prince William and Catherine Middleton (Kate). I re-created that famous engagement photo in acrylics, as I just love that photo, and everyone loves the royal couple!
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A spokesperson for the Legion called the piece "poppy bling." The brooches are for sale online at

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Prince William and Kate Middleton haven't appeared together in public since January when Will was deployed to the Falklands, but in the week leading up to their much-anticipated first wedding anniversary, they enjoyed not one, but two dates.

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The British press has dubbed the couple "middle aged" for their penchant for staying in and curling up to a DVD and home cooked meal. However, on Wednesday, the pair looked appropriately elegant and regal while attending a premiere for the movie "African Cats." Proceeds from the screening of the Disney documentary went to the Tusk Trust, a wildlife preservation charity of which William is patron.

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On Thursday, the couple graced a reception at Goldsmith's Hall in London wearing matching Navy blue. The event honored the Scott-Amundsen Centenary Race to the South Pole, which raised funds for the British Legion, an organization that provides assistance to veterans and their families. Kate's adorned her dark tweed suit with a bright red enamel brooch shaped like a poppy which People reports cost only $40. The red poppy is a symbol of fallen soldiers and serves as a remembrance of those who sacrificed their lives in war.
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I watched the royal wedding too, and the painting u did of Prince William and Kate looks amazing. Great job XD
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So true. I absolutely love it, and one other photo of them. If you watched the Royal Wedding, there was this one shot a photographer took where they were just about to kiss. And it was so sweet; it was right at the moment where they were looking into each other's eyes, both sort of hesitant and blushing and he's just so in love and gaaaah. Melt-worthy. x3
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It really is the most beautiful engagement photo. It's just so natural. They're not hiding their joy or their love in any way or form. You've done absolute justice to it in this, right down to Princess Diana's engagement ring. =)
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Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I know - it's such a beautiful photo, that I just had to paint it. This informal photo is much nicer and down to earth than their formal engagement photo.
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