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.: YGO GX : Resident Evil 2 :.

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My Precious Pet

My Precious Pet Yandere!Seto KaibaxReader ~Your POV~ I wake up one morning as I sit up in bed, I get up from bed as I make my bed, I headed to my closet in getting my school uniform out , and I get out of my (f/c) pajamas as I get dressed for school I went o the bathroom to brush my hair and teeth. When I was done I headed down to the kitchen to make breakfast for me to eat and when I got to the kitchen. I start to make some breakfast for me to eat and when I finished making it. I started to eat my breakfast as I ate a quickly as possible and when I was done. I grabbed my things and headed out the door, I went outside as I locked the door

YGO DM GX and 5Ds fanfics

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Blaze 2020


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Don't Forget

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Hanging with friends and Ugly sweaters


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Ouran Host Chef (Kyoya X Reader) Ch. 14

“Kyoya-Senpai, what are you doing here?” Haruhi’s voice made you snap out of your shock and instead be replaced by a sudden urge to hide since you remembered what you were wearing. Your pajamas. Your unicorn print pajamas to be more specific. In a panic, you swerved to the side of the room, hidden behind the door. Kyoya raised his eyebrows in surprise at Haruhi. “I could ask you the same thing, Haruhi. But to answer your question, I came to drop off the key to the host club which I informed Y/N about before she left earlier.” Haruhi glanced over at you as you pinched your nose out of annoyance at your

Ouran High School Host Club

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Luxury Ball (Paint 3D)


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Weapons at the Ready

Card Captors

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Ode to Saturday mornings past

Ducktails and Darkwing Duck

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My new website idea

Hello my friends. I have been thinking a while back before finding a new website to post my artwork and journals. Something came to my mind about making a new website, so I searched for it until I found one on Wix. It was a completely free website to make and you can design it all you want without any charges. I can find some ways to put up a gallery with descriptions, journal posts for story chapters or updates, audios for samples of sounds, music pieces (I don't do that on DeviantArt) and videos. If I complete the website and if I have a few posts of my introduction on it, I will link it to you and you can make your own website there in order to keep in touch with me. From there, we'll sustain our friendships and keep them strong and alive through role-playing, conversations, sharing artwork and bible studies. We have until at May 20th, Eclipse will launch on DeviantArt and will permenantly ruin it if it's staff refuse to listen to our complaints. The reason why they never listen


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APH Sweden sprites - tall


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Endless Realms - Gigaeye

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