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Iceland wasn’t a very renowned country, and it had no modern reputation for violence, but every football fan in Europe knew about Icelanders’ love of the game – and the Icelandic football hooligans. Every country had football hooligans – gangs of toughs that associated with a particular team and got in fights with opposing fans. For the obscure Nordic country though, the hooligans took it a step further, traveling to wherever the national team played to support them, and maybe get into a spat on the way. There were usually a few dozen such people with that dedication, but that was enough to make the Járn Fótur, as people called the gang, famous.
Perhaps the gang’s most famous feat came in 2015, during a friendly Poland-Iceland match in the Warsaw National Stadium. Poland won the match, and the Járn Fótur wanted revenge. Robert Lewandowski had scored two goals for Poland, Bartosz Kapustka one; since the match was 4-2, that
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More Than Stuffed Pastries
“I am stuffed Feliks. I can’t eat another bite.” Kaliningrad was stuff to the gills with sweets and coffee. Poland and Kaliningrad went on a small shopping spree as they stopped to have lunch. But instead of normal lunch, they had a feast of sweets and coffee. To Feliks, the caffeine and sugar rush would make shopping for more things easier for them. To Kaliningrad it sounded good at the time, but sadly she over indulged.
“Ah come on, Regina, the cart is full of wonderful sweets and treats. Who wouldn’t say no to the large variety of foods in front of us!”
“Well…” Kaliningrad was debating to eat more and when she ate more, she quickly turned green from eating to damn much. “Oh god!”
Poland then saw Kaliningrad rush to the lady’s room as various hearing was heard inside. The Pole just winced in empathy of the poor girl and looked for a waiter and got their attention, “Check please!”
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Shiny, Shiny
“Hey Regina look what I found!” shouted Latvia as he waved to get Kaliningrad’s attention.
Kaliningrad looked up from the rocks she was looking through and walked to him and bent down to see what the younger personification discovered. It seemed he found a large chunk of amber. It was a beautiful warm orange honey-gold color and worth a lot of money if sold to the right people for the right price.
“It looks lovely Ravis. I swear when I look for raw gem stones, I get my best ones when I am with you. If anyone is a true rock hound it is you.”
Latvia blushed and smiled shyly. “Thanks Regina, that is very sweet of you to say.”
“Well it is true. Come on, lets go home and have some dinner.”
Latvia stood up and dusted himself off as he held a hand for Kaliningrad. “That is the best thing I heard all day.”
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Avalon Bio
Country/City/State Information- Avalon
Name: Avalon
Age: 882 (Looks 21)
Capital City (if country): Avalon
Biggest City: Avalon
Boss (Mayor/President): Queen Argante (Queen of the Fey) and Oberon (King of the Fey)
Flag (Coat of Arms): A silhouette of a female pixie on a violet shield
Biggest Ethnic Group: Fey
Language(s) spoken: English, Scottish, Welch, Irish, Gaelic 
Population: Unknown amount of fey beings and mythical creatures
Religion: Paganism (Fey, Dragon, Druidic, and Black magic and witchcraft)
Government: Matriarchal Monarchy
Climate: Seasonal
Economy: Metals, gems and magic
Human Information-
Name: Titania Morgan Teague
Nickname(s): Tana, Dark Titania
Age: 882
Gender: Female
Birthday: Feb 14, 1136
Current Residence: Avalon, Great Britain
Language(s) spoken: English, Irish, Scottish, Welch and Gaelic
Bad Habit(s):
Like(s): Magic, nature, dancing, playing pranks on people, partying,
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Svalbard Bio
Svalbard Bio
Name: Urd Saga Dahl
Gender: Female
Race: Personification of the island of Svalbard Norway
- Hair: Platinum Blonde with various parts of her hair died in various colors or color extensions added to hair.
- Eyes: Electric Blue
- Height: 5'5" (152 cm)
- Weight: 125 lbs (56 kg)
- Age: Looks about 16 years old.
Description: Acts like a mix of an emo and a metal head.
Manner of Speaking: Rude and strait to the point.
Mannerisms: Calm but full of snark and toughness of living a rough life.
Role or Purpose: Half sister of Norway, Iceland and Netherlands.
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Aland Islands
Name: Åland Islands
    ·        Full Name: Sylvia Nylund
    ·        Nickname(s): Sylvee, Silver
    ·        Alias(es): Elsa Ruotsalainen (Pen Name for her fiction writing)
    ·        Title: Landskapet Åland (Swedish), Ahvenanmaan Maakunta (Finnish)
    ·        Age: 18 (Looks)
    ·        Birthday: May 7th
    ·        Species: Nation/Autonomous region of Finland
    ·        Nationality: Fino-Swede
    · &
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Sailor Plutonium Scorpion by Iggwilv Sailor Plutonium Scorpion :iconiggwilv:Iggwilv 2 2 Sailor Plutonium Scorpion by Iggwilv Sailor Plutonium Scorpion :iconiggwilv:Iggwilv 3 0
It's In the Blood
Sailor Vanth and a few other Unaligned arrived to one of their deep space posts. Lucky for them, no one was killed, just severely damaged beyond all reason. There were patches of ripped skin, puddles of blood and torn clothes as well as clumps of hair and fur, as well as what looked like pieces of horn and claws. Various senshi scientists gathers various samples of said fur, horn, claw and blood. But what bothered Vanth the most was the blood. Looking at a sample in a test tube that was collected she felt some uneasiness as if that its very essence was pulling her in like a planet that wandered to damn close to a black hole. As she looked at it, she noticed what looked like a strange glitter of a deep greenish-blue that was almost black, but what really scared her was what looked like small molten skulls or souls of silvery violet that seemed to be screaming for help and release from their prison that seemed to be the blood itself. This hit Vanth to the core; she and the rest of the Un
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Royal Diamond Tiara Base 1 by Iggwilv Royal Diamond Tiara Base 1 :iconiggwilv:Iggwilv 8 0 Nightmare Crystal 3 by Iggwilv Nightmare Crystal 3 :iconiggwilv:Iggwilv 4 0 Nightmare Crystal 2 by Iggwilv Nightmare Crystal 2 :iconiggwilv:Iggwilv 3 0 Nightmare Crystal Base 1 by Iggwilv Nightmare Crystal Base 1 :iconiggwilv:Iggwilv 4 0 Shining Crystal Star Pen Base by Iggwilv Shining Crystal Star Pen Base :iconiggwilv:Iggwilv 2 0 Crystal Dawn Staff Base by Iggwilv Crystal Dawn Staff Base :iconiggwilv:Iggwilv 3 0 Neo Moon Chalice Fountain Pen Base by Iggwilv Neo Moon Chalice Fountain Pen Base :iconiggwilv:Iggwilv 6 0

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My husband almost died today. He is totally fine, his friend asked him to go and run errands with them but thankfully my husband declined and where my husband would of been sitting in the car, his friend got t-boned and hit the car where my husband would of sat. It would of killed my husband instantly. His friend is in the hospital with broken bones, cuts, bruising, internal bleeding.
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君のソウルジェムだよ… #soulgem_maker


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