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Picnic pinup

Are you out in a secluded little spot in the country, or are you in a public park in the city? You tell me.
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AshBond's avatar
This is good. Nice line work. Well done.
Mettwurscht's avatar
I would like to do such a picnic in the future ! :o
Silkenvixen's avatar
I just adore the old fashioned style of artwork, it's wonderful!  And the picnic basket full of bondage things is inspired  :)
IgFero's avatar

Thanks. Doesn't seem as popular as all the anime stuff on this site, but I make what I enjoy making.

This one is inspired in particular by this:

Silkenvixen's avatar
I agree, there is sooooo much anime-inspired artwork here, and while it's good, so much of it looks the same.  When I see something like what you created, it reminds me of the artwork (nobody tied up) that my late father used to do in his younger days.  Of course he probably used India ink and a fountain pen, but it's the period-looking style that I really liked, apart from wanting to have been on that picnic myself  ;)

I can see how you got inspired!  I have to admit, a tie-up picnic would be better than a picnic with a hot dog and a bottle of.....tomato juice?   :)