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Fav. color: Orange Nod 

 number: 40 (don't really know why) :D (Big Grin) 

Fav. drinks: Orange Juice, Green tea 

Fav. food: Too much to write... ))) Sweating a little... 

Fav. season: Spring (depends on where I am, but mostly...) La la la la 

  • Listening to: Beethoven Sonata No. 14 "Moonlight"
  • Eating: Almost dinner... :D
  • Drinking: Green tea

For those who wonder:

1. Drawing history

I started drawing with pencil in 2009. I mean outside of Arts classroom. It continued with big intervals of not drawing until Aug. 2013 when my brother gave me a Samsung Galaxy 10.1 as a birthday present. That is when I started Digital Art.

2 Languages

In the order of knowledge: Russian(1st language), English, Kazakh, Japanese(日本語), Chinese(汉语). Feel free to adress me in any of the languages listed.

3. My attitude

I appreciate people putting my pics into their faves, and I am happy someone likes my pictures, even though I do not write about it on the profiles of people who do it. (Used to do it, not doing it now). Though I usually reply to the comments and stuff. 

4. My faves collections

My faves collections are designed in such a way, so I could easily find a specific deviation I like. There is no special meaning behind the order of the folders.

5. Commissions & requests.

I do not accept commissions, I am not a professional to do that. If you want to make a request, feel free to note me. I will tell you specifically if I can do it or not…

That’s it!

Thank you for stopping by.

  • Listening to: Monday (The Glitch Mob Remix) by Nalepa
  • Eating: Cookies
  • Drinking: Black tea with milk
Well, I finally took time to organize everything on my DA Account (I still have interests I need to update though :D (Big Grin) ), so it is more or less in order. That is why I can start putting journal entries from time to time.

  • Listening to: Nujabes
  • Drinking: Green Tea