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This story is strictly based on the image ...too many zombie games. 
I would have gave it a different title, but playing too much of anything usually causes things like this to happen. Please keep in mind as I may have mentioned before I am misanthrope, so there may be a few unpleasant things you hear about humans during this story let alone harsh language which in order to sensor I will type in partial leet. 

    I'm sitting in my room after a long days work bored out of my mind with nothing better to do, but brood over how much humans disgust me. Remembering yesterday how my parents were stupidly excited about the new neighbors who would be moving in next door.

Now I'm not the kind of person to give a 2¢ 5h17 about anything, cause I tend to be very apathetic most times, so I always wonder why people even bother telling me things that has little to no importance to me... which I always find a complete waste of my time. 

My rents (aka parents) tell me how they got to know these new "people" & claimed they too are religious have similar interests are also hard working blah-blah-blah & after a ridiculous amount of lecturing they finally tell me they want me to get along with the new neighbors. I think to myself GOD why can't they ever get to the point & stop preaching to me as if I'm some 5 year old... 

Eventually I hear my rents out talking to the new neighbors & yet I rarely ever seen them being this social, cause my family usually tend to keep to themselves unless one of the neighbors strike up a conversation to begin with. Twas noon the time falling into dusk before I decided to let my curiosity get the better of me. I looked out my window to see just what was so special about these new neighbors of ours.

I see a married couple, English perhaps from England. An elderly man about his mid 40s along side his wife, a woman also around the same age yet didn't seem as elderly looking as her husband, both dressed accordance to their own gender. Along side of them their son, perhaps in his mid 20s, I had no idea for twas too hard to tell since he was somewhat tall yet very young looking as if he were in his teens. He wore mostly all black from a black baseball cap to a black T & some baggy black pants don't ask me about his shoes cause I'm not the gawky person. A quick glimpse was all I needed as it always made my first impression assuming he was another typical thug perhaps pretending not to act out of line since his parents were around. 

I watched as my rents followed the new neighbors back to their house next door to the right of us. I thought they only followed because they were still chatting away, until they came back telling me how nice their home looks from the inside. I never expected them to go in, but they did & told my brother & I we too should go see as they would be living next door to us for a long time. As always I shrugged it off as if it were a suggestion, while keeping in mind I wouldn't dream of going anywhere near that thug. My brother... however, decided to go meet the new neighbors for himself. 

I stayed in my room as always trying to sleep the day away since I was given the time, when all of a sudden my brother come in my room gloating about how the other family is nice & their son owns lots of games & is into building gizmos & gadgets ect... I was like, "...good for you. perhaps he could teach you to do something other than sit on your behind playing games all day..." He gave me that whatever attitude & said he's going to visit him tomorrow & try out some team play. I simply told him have fun, giving him the hint that I wasn't interested. 

I looked out my window at the scenery. Twas only a few years ago most of the homes which use to be across the street had been hurriedly torn down, paved over with a new parking lot & farther back a new video store & gas station were built. Of course the city believed twould draw in more of a crowd; however, it only seemed to be just as deserted. Every now & then there would be a car or several, but usually no more than that. Most the people who even bothered going were mainly from around the neighborhood. The rest off to the gas station were merely passer-bye's. 

The next day I decided to go out & since there were little people around I took it just my luck. Time to get some fresh air I though to myself I would probably even go over to the video store, & see if they had any new games for rent. Just as I went outside I noticed my old man was talking to that "thug" looking kid & they were both working on something. I knew I would get spotted eventually as I tried to avoid being detected. The my old man called me over. "F|_|C|<...!" I thought to myself as I went over. 

My old man asked me why I was the only one who didn't see the new neighbors yet. I told him because I didn't want to. Then he gave me the lip as always trying to make me look stupid in front of the whole damn neighborhood. After about what seemed forever of more of his pointless preaching the thug looking one introduced himself politely & attempted to bro-fist. I told him whatever Hi-bye. Of course my old man not approving that kind of behavior told me we were gonna have a talk later. That was the last thing I wanted hear cause once he starts he'll just keep dragging on forever.

I wouldn't have that, so I just gave in & introduced myself with a still firm, curt tone, gave him a hand shake & made sure my powerful grip gave him the message not to f|_|(|< with me. He made a joke about my grip saying twas enough to make bones break like twigs. After that my old man told me to go with the new neighbor & visit his parents. I hated the idea, but was in no position to argue. 

On our way I kept quiet while he talked away. Throwing in a question every now & then, yet I only gave him the cold stare. As we got to the door of his house he must have gotten the hint, so he shut up & let me inside. As he closed the door behind us he mentioned his parents weren't home, but he was gonna show me around. After a tour of the place he asked me what I thought. I asked him if he knew the house use to have only one floor. He said he never knew that. I told him if he saw my room he'd probably freak.

He asked why. I told him it's usually dark & all the walls are painted black. I think your house has way too many lights... He showed me up to his room & his walls were all painted black, just like mine. "I forgot to show you my room lol." He also had a laptop black & a better brand than mine, he had a black desk which looked better than mine, he had a black single folding metal sofa bed while mine was a double & red. I thought to myself how mine was quite fugly in comparison to his. He had a black air conditioner & I didn't have one at all only a cheap old fan, which from time-to-time reeks of burnt electric after so many hours of use on unbearable summer days. He had black lights luminating his room & I didn't have any & I could go on but I won't. 

It would seem I had many things, while he had almost everything I ever wanted. He noticed my one eyebrow risen expression as if he had done something suspicious. "It isn't much, but this is it!" So I had to admit I was a little impressed mostly jealous. I decided to change the subject. "So you are a hardcore gamer just a my brother mentioned." He asked how I noticed as I pointed to his little counsel control area of his room. He asked if I wanted to team up with him & his buddies online since my brother would me over to join eventually, I told him thanks but no cause I had always been more into single-player games. I asked him if he was ~really religious. He said he is & pointed to a bookshelf with an entire row stacked with Jewish bibles of a variety. I told him "Good, cause I better not catch you lying." 

After saying that I left. As I got to the front door my brother was about to knock just as I had opened before hand. He was about to ask the same question as I rudely interrupted with a blunt "No." & walked out. our rents were in the house chatting & laughing as always. I made way to the video store, as I noticed it had already became late that fast no thanks to that tour... 

As I got there I notice some annoying looking person stumbling while trying to keep their balance as if they were drunk. Good thing I had my trusty katana with me for just. in. case. The fool was making their way from the side of the building to the entrance. I thought to myself "Good riddance if that idiot thinks they won't be having to deal with the authorities." 

As I got closer I could smell the stink as of rotting decayed flesh. I then knew there that there something extremely wrong. I kept quiet as I followed it from the distance. A security officer sighted the stranger & also had the wrong impression of that stranger. The officer told the would-be drunkard they need to leave & that they shouldn't be here right now. After repeating a few times the officer seemed frustrated & decided to threaten by use of mace. That would-be drunkard... was no drunkard at all. 

As it moved into the light it horrible features became exposed. The officer tried calling for back up, yet this now known zombie was not all so ignorant. The officer sprayed the zombie in the face as it got too close which only pissed it off. It jumped the officer as the officer screamed while being pulled to the ground being both devoured & ripped apart. I stood there in amusement as the screaming stopped. I than approached this zombie as it noticed my presences. It slowly got up turned & faced me.

We both stood glaring at each other for some time. I would have simply left it alone as I would consider them more civilized than the living, but ow the stink. Let alone I knew it would only follow me around till it either caught up with me or I lured it into another helpless soul. I hated the thought of getting myself stained in zombie fluids, but what else could I possibly do? Hell killing is fun! So why not!?

I casually walked toward it slowly as I slowly draw my blade from its sheath. Dropping the blade's sheath to the ground even the zombie slowly came my way. I now see the presence which was once some typical woman now a decaying reanimated corps. She wore a bloody stained green blouse some bloody stained blue jeans & appears to have lost one of her beige colored loafers. Her hair was a messy blondish color. Yes. She was the mother of that thuggish looking boy..., & I was about to kill her. I had no choice as to now twas either me or her. 

Finally I had just about the range to strike. She weaved to the left & backed a bit, so she wasn't just lucky against that officer I thought, yet she was still slow. I had to move in even closer to handle this one... I didn't want to kill her too quickly either I wanted to have a little fun. I thought to myself "Too bad I could never do this to human & I hate them just as much." I threw in a few slashes here & there letting the old blood spray everywhere. The zombie seems to feel pain as to how it screeches & howls like a monster. 

It seems to be drawing the attention of both the small crowd withing the video store &... a small horde of more zombies. There seem to have been more zombies than humans at the location however. Most the people started panicking running to & fro. I decapitated the zombie I was facing & casually walked straight for the horde. I killed them one by one as more started to appear from out of nowhere. Eventually my family & the thuggish looking boy came to my aid, as IF I needed them...

Then more neighbors began to show up & lend a hand. Strangely no officers seem to be around which was quite odd with all the cellphones around these days... The fight lasted till dawn. Some people were caught by the zombies, yet victory was at hand as the massive numbers quickly reduced. After the fight was finally over the remains of us went around decapitating anything dead.

I strayed away farthest from the group to get my breath back, for I am never one to show weakness around... others. Eventually I slipped up & let my guard down. One of the zombies manage to take a good chunk out of my right shin. "...damn it!" I grunted under my breath as not to alert the others. I pulled the zombie off me by its hair as he took a good chunk of my flesh from my shin with him. I then forced his face to the ground with a crushing blow & stomped his skull in.

I tried to ignore the pain knowing the others would make sure the would end all my pain permanently. I walked off quickly, but quietly to a secluded area. I knew the infection would soon take me & I wanted something more than anything. Revenge. I wasn't going to go down without a fight against my true enemies. So here is what I did. 

I took off my black hooded shirt & cut off the hood, abandoned the shirt & put the hood over another severed head. I carried it along with my sword back to the crowd. They all looked in terror as they thought it was I who was defeated. I threw the head at the crowd as I felt the breath of the cursed dead in my lungs. I let out a beastly howl, then charged into the crowd slashing away as they strike & shoot back. 

Most who were left in panic I easily picked off, which was almost all of them. The last two left were my brother & that thuggish looking boy, who told my brother to stay back. The infection had made my appearance look as death, no one could even recognize me anymore. 

The thuggish looking boy had drew a ninja sword. Oh how I always envied him for everything he had which I could not gain, but right now that doesn't matter. I get the privilege to kill, & now it's he who wants revenge. Even if I were to defeat him I would never lay a harmful had against my brother. Finally thug boy came at me full speed with blade aiming to try & decapitate me. I felt much stronger than before & instead of dumber I felt more alert. This infection seemed to have had a completely different effect on me.

I deflected the blow as if it was nothing to me. I could tell he must have hit pretty hard cause there were plenty of sparks after that deflect. 

The End
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Here I will be explaining about the history & how the Igarax originated.

-History of why Igarax Originated.
Firstly I am a fan of Ratchet & Clank games since I was in my teens. I played "Ratchet & Clank", "Ratchet & Clank Going Commando", "Ratchet & Clank Up Your Arsenal", "Ratchet Deadlocked" & "Ratchet & Clank Size Matters". I hoped to play all the latest versions one day too since I don't have a PS3 yet and I hear they were already coming out with a PS4 already. Anyway I was inspired by the Ratchet games and though the closest one they made some good foes was in "Ratchet & Clank Size Matters."

I am aware of Ratchet's main rival had always been Captain Quark, but I never saw Quark as The Perfect Rival out of all the Ratchet series I've played. Yes I find Quark is annoying yet he always seem to carry way too many flaws making him the Not so Perfect rival. Ratchet's clones in Size Matters were pretty damn close, but they too had some flaws. So my idea of a perfect rival was to make one who is not all crazy like Quark, consists of many flaws like the clones in Size Matters & not always scheming when they know they are already defeated such as Dr. Nefarious. In addition none of these guys seemed to have their plans well organized to even be able to defeat Ratchet.

This kind of made most the Ratchet games all too easy even at their challenge modes & max difficulties. As I haven't played all of the latest Ratchet games so far the only game I seen in his series with the highest difficulty was -Exterminator in "Ratchet Deadlocked." The only problem is once players get use to the AIs of most the enemies in game the enemies all become quite easy to read, so you know what to expect before it even happens. Now I also respect & believe that the advantages naturally all go to Ratchet; however, some styles of these old games change as we enter the future. For my idea of the perfect rival for Ratchet should be a rival with similar characteristics, other than the clones from Size Matters.

-How the Igarax originated
(This is how we worked out the name of my characters.
They have stripes like Ratchet's, but their personalities are kind of apathetic &/or aggressive. This reminded us of Tigrex from "Monster Hunter" games, because Tigrex personality fits those exact same traits. They look more like rat versions of Ratchet instead of cat-like even up to the features & claws. Lastly but not least their still part Lombax, yet they exceed a common Lombax abilities since they are not organic. Now with a new meaning for my characters, Igarax means Tigrex, Rat, Lombax. All in one.)

My idea is to keep a Ratchet game looking like a Ratchet game even when I add new characters to it. So now that you know how my characters got their race name I can start to tell a little about them. To try and keep the Igarax as part fit to Ratchet game series I gave them similarities to many of the characters in most of the Ratchet games. Firstly as mentioned earlier their appearance is almost exactly identical to a Lombax. Lets just say it like Lombax mutants with a different colored coat right?

After all not all Lombax whore the came colored coats. Ratchet has a gold like coat with brown stripes, Angela Cross has the same coat as Ratchet, but Alister Azimuth has a white coat with red stripes. Who knows how many colors each Lombax coat was if they ever come out with a series where Ratchet does get to meet his lost civilization. Addition to Lombax similarities are their skills/abilities which exceeds Ratchet's because Igarax are not organic yet they are very good at hiding their true appearances. This perhaps brings back simulations of the evil plots which Nefarious was trying to use against Ratchet.

Next is the rivalry level, which as I mentioned earlier some Ratchet games bought it up to a little more than stupidity. Ratchet is in rivalry to the Igarax than as Quark is to Ratchet. In other words the Ruler of the Igarax race would seemingly be considered like Quark, but not an idiot. He has his own agendas and was considered a hero in the beginning till things gone wrong. Igarax are not so easily fooled unlike most of the villains in Ratchet games, and they are very good at figuring out flaws in their very own plans by working together unlike most villain groups who's leaders are always trying to hog all the fame and care less about their minions & weaknesses.

Some features which may not be relative to Ratchet series is how most of the characters seem to carry some kind of humor every now and then, which only one Igarax & two of it's groups seem to carry out of the entire race. Well that is all for now though I would like to share more info about them, however in addition I do not want to make the journal any more longer than my viewer's time is worth and I am not sure if I plan to create this as a part of the original Ratchet series cause it may not apply; however, we will have to see in the near future.

Thanks for your time in reading my journal and
よろしく -Igarax

-Additional Journals I will make later are listed below.
(An additional relation to "Ratchet Size Matters" is the Igarax are all mostly clones created by the main four originals learders, who then created the next generation versions of their race.)

(I will also give some info on Igarax groups later.)
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