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So one Saturday night you're practically ill. You've been ill all week actually... You decided you'd try & relax to get some of your energy back. Just as you slowly doze into slumber all this ruckus comes out of nowhere. You hear the door slammed open to your room, yelling, a very loud slap on the door next to your room & lastly but not least an extremely hard thud against the end of your be that nearly sent you & the bed off the floor. 

Yes. This all happened to me by Mr. Porker. Every time he falls ill his wife Mrs. Clownfish always makes my brother & I remain quiet like church mice. Yet when either my brother or I fall ill Mr. Porker doesn't give a damn. He's blasting his racket so damn loud the floor upstairs feels like it's about to cave in. Plus being ill makes the hearing more sensitive causing more torment causing additional agitations. 

Mr. Porker is always the first to complain about "all that RACKET" going on when he's ill. No consideration to the rest of us though. That night he forced me our of bed & my brother out of his room & go down into the garage... only for Mr. Porker to lecture us about his "theory" about how "cannabis is the only cure for everything." Now as much as I detest smoking regardless of whatever it may be I hate smoking. The last thing I needed was to be smoking at all while ill & the coughing & after smell of burning flesh in the back of my throat would have me over the toilet barfing my guts out all night. 

So Mr. Porker decided to get smart ass & teach us how to make what he calls "Chicago Tea" which is nothing more than cannabis mixed with beverages so I wouldn't have to take it in its actual form. I still detest drugs. Being ill & having to fix this... tea, only agitated me even more. The last thing I would wanna be doing is fixing anything when I would rather be in bed. Mentioning bed... I wanted to go check the damage Mr. Porker had done to it. He sure as hell left one hell of a dent where he kicked it. 

This was only the 1st time he kicked my bed though. Of course he did it cause he was use to kicking his pet dog around too, but what made him wanna kick my bed like that while I was still in it? All I know is that was the second major thing to ever piss me off aside of the last time he had laughed at me like some evil villain only to shut his wife up for taking the blame for him. This was the second thing he done to push our relationship even farther apart. 
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July 13, 2017
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