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This happened to me years ago around my age somewhere of 18 to 20's. Now to let you know Mr. Porker "LOVES" to get high, so high to the point where he don't even care about what he says to who anymore. It be true he is a womanizer, yet he married a woman & even if you were a man he would still consider you a bitch. Too much drinking & cannabis intake from early in the morning all the way till he decides when he wanna go to bed. Most times that would be around by the time the sun's up. 3:50am to 5:00am. The longest he ever kept us awake was from 6:00am to 6:00am the next day.

This was another Saturday night again with his drunken stupor. He always looks like he's about to pass out & hit the floor. It's easily seen from how he wobbles so much & his gut sticks out farther than normal. As I said... regardless man or woman he will call them whatever he wants in his drunken state. Once he called his own wife a dick, another time he called my brother a cross dressing faggot, yet my brother never in his life ever dressed in women's clothing. Not once.

This event happened to me one time where he was lecturing a bunch of nonsense. He always said one thing then he would change his story, but the most shit he could come up with was about the bad things from his family in his past. He would always go over how he had way too many sisters & they act like bitches. Then he would talk about how his brothers treated him like a bitch & how all his siblings bullied him just because he was the youngest. Then he goes over about how his mum was always a bitch & how everyone in the family are bitches & he is not. 

I only thought to myself how full of shit Mr. Porker was to be calling his own family all bitches. Calling his own wife & two kids... bitches. Now as I said with his drunken stupor he'd say ANYTHING to piss us off. Mr. Porker is always full of pride when he talks shit about us. He tells me I remind him of his mum. I tell him I'm nothing like him or his mum. Then he gets smart ass with me & relates me to his bitchy siblings. 

"Oh-no, wait! I know! You're a bitch onna stick! Oh!? Why are looking so angry!? Don't you like that!?"

I give him the Frollo treatment a down right "No." as a reply. 

"Why not!? *hick*" 

He can hardly hold up as he began to lean on the counter next to us. I tell him cause that sounds like someone getting screwed in the ass like a fag. 

"No it's not!" 

He then makes up other stupid shitty excuses to try as force me to agree with him. Now knowing the kind of person I am, unless a person has something of utter importance to speak with me about I would usually listen. Though I may not entirely agree with them I still listen. On the other hand when a person has nothing worth listening to then it's just how I see it. They aren't worth my time, so they can talk shit as I do like what the saying goes "into one ear & out the other." I never care & never will. The problem with Mr. Porker is he's one of those kinds of people where if you don't agree with him after a while, better prepare for some hooves to be upside your head. 
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Submitted on
July 14, 2017
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