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Being the kids in the family most parents never think about the things they shouldn’t be doing around their children no matter what age their kids are. Of course these parents seem to do whatever they want when their kids are over the age of 18+ only to start treating you the way adults treat each other.

Now don’t get me wrong I’m not saying just any kinds of parents always do this to their kids, but specific kinds of parents. Mr. Porker is one of these kind of parent (wanna-be) I’m talking about. His wife not so much.

For this we will be discussing the not so good parent behaviors of always over talking/bitching at the television every single day, for hours & hours on end until something terrible happens. Mr. Porker for some reason has a seriously sick obsession with bitching at just about everything, but whenever it comes to the boobtube even his wife can’t seem to get him to be quiet.

Now it would be normal when a parent is bitching at a videogame or some game/sports tv show, but not Mr. Porker. I’m not going to go over the things he bitches about all the time as most of it would seem offencive to the general audience, but for a lighter version of it…

Rather it be the media or movies he never seems to ever wanna shut up. All sorts of pointless babble & blasphemies seem to come out if he isn’t showing off. He always turns on the tv every single day just to listen in on the bullshit the media always has in store.

Just a quick note this began long before Donald J Trump even became president.

Anything dealing with women he has to bitch at.

“She’s a bull dike! She’s wearing combat boots & ready to stomp a man’s nuts in!” “She’s a lesbian!” “She hates daddies!” “She’s a single parent!” ect…

Things like that. He never seems to be happy when women gain the upper hand. He even laughs like some cackling witch whenever something bad happens to them in movies, & parises whatever as he would put it “killed that BITCH.” While any men who support women to their fullest Mr. Porker scoffs them menacingly with the utmost detest.

Long before his wife ever retired she had been annoyed with Mr. Porker’s constant blaspheming women. My brother & I thought if Mr. Porker has to talk shit about women all the time, yet refuses to marry another man as he doesn’t want to be considered gay, then why didn't he just NOT get married at all then?

Of course twas years ago while my brother & I were around the 17 or so, we completely stop watching movies/tv shows with our parents because of this. Of course Mr. Porker wasn’t AS stubborn as he is today & pretty much for the rest of his life. The rest of us only see how things have gotten worse over the years especially since his wife retired less than three years ago. Mr. Porker has been drowning in his own spoils with glee… which includes his rotten attitude on a daily basis. No one has the guts to put him in his place. Then again I’ve tried quite a few times, yet just trying to talk him out of it only makes his talk shit back in return, then he wants to piss us off even more and if that didn’t work the he goes apeshit beating the living hell out of us. I’ve given up hope years ago knowing Mr. Porker ain’t having none of it.

If I could beat some sense into him believe me I would have done it years ago, but so much for living in a religious family… Rules are you can never hit your parents no matter what, not even in a playful manner. But they can hit you, & you can’t do shit about it.

Anyway… We always hear Mrs. Clownfish trying to get her husband to shut up while they’re watching tv, but Mr. Porker never seems to give a shit about anything anyone has to say unless he gets to talk shit about it all day long. As much as my brother & I stick to our own life style now… being with my brother playing video games & I almost always online listening to creepypastas, chilling tales for dark nights, & some stories from good old Otis Jiry, while playing zombie games on steam with the game’s volume on the minimal.

Tis fun & all till Mr. Porker starts his pointless fuming away at my brother & I just because he built up too much rage from bitching at all the shit on tv. Now you would think after all that fuming one should be winded & burnt out. Never Mr. Porker. Getting pissed off seems to be some kind of energy boost for him. Then again… perhaps it’s the effect of all those drugs he’s addicted to. Whatever the reason in the end he makes the rest of us suffer, while doing so seems to always build his bliss.

I guess this is why some people say too much tv can be bad for one’s health.

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September 27, 2017
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