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It's rare to see people who never celebrate on any ocassion, but when you want to keep your life style flowing how it has always been even the littlist of changes could forever make you suffer, especially when there is someone in your life who feels like everyday is a holiday for themself.

"Everydays is a holiday!"

Mr. Porker says. I could never see how hat would even be possible. Years ago when I was only a kid the family never celebrated most holidays. Such as New years, valentine's day, St. Patrick's day, April Fool's, Easter, Mother's day, Father's day, Halloween, Veterans day, & many other hoildays which are not listed.

The only hoildays we use to celebrate were Thanksgiving & Christmas along with only our birthdays in the family household. Hell we never even went to parties or family reuinions. Yet twas rare we ever decided to visit relatives.

This all was only when I was under the age 16. Ever sence then some shit happens between our parents & their relatives. Don't ask me as I have no idea what... aside of over hearing Mr. Porker complaining about how his relatives were thives & always told him what to do in his own house.

Buy the time I was about to hit my young adult age Mr. Porker had canceled all holidays period, except for birthdays & one we never celebrated before... called Passover. The only Passover we celebrate would be on the month of April only.

I guess twould mean no more getting presents two times a year anymore. Only on our birthadys, no more Christmas holidays. Not that I cared about that as if I were living on my own everyday would be just another boring day. I wouldn't celebrate anything let alone my own birthday. Yet to be living under someone else's roof having to play by their own rules was just utter blasphemy.

As IF that wasn't already bad enough Mr. Porker has recently if... not sence last year, decided to tell us what days to/to not work after all he IS a husler without remorse. Now twas quite normal back then when we all get a hangover on a Satruday only to spend Sunday to recover. Besides It's only normal you don't wanna get out of bed when you got a hangover the very next day, so on Monday you would be ready for anything. Right?

"From no on we will rest on Saturdays (exculding me lecturing you about the work I have in plan for you next week) & we will begin to work every Sunday, then rest on Mondays blah-blah-blah..."

Ah yes. Of course. Drink like hell over the weekend only to work our tales off the very next day, while WITH... a hangover. What very logical since there... I think not, but knowing Mr. Porker there is, no Frollo'ing him for an answer.

Only one week off a year, only one day off a week. Of course Mr. Porker always tries to slip in whatever "work" he can muster up to dump over our heads even on those days. Let alone our own birthdays... He almost never misses a day without throwen in some swag about work.

As that's never good enough he has the attitude to top it off, & he always godda get drunk. Now just how would you feel having a boss who's always getting drunk before work only to give you hell for the rest of the day, huh...? This is the exact shit he does every single day. This year he's been giving us hell the month even before his wife's birthday started all up to now... which has been over the total of three months & a half.

He's been giving us hell every single year, yet every other year he gets worse & worse. Mr. Porker's happy about all he had done to make us completely misserable.

Am I a hard worker? Yes!
Do I get paid well? No.
Can I gedda new job? No.

With all the above answers you should know I am NOT happy.
Igarax Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I understand there is quite a bit of misspelling as this was rushed, so there is no need for a "Grammar Nazi" to remind me. As long as you understand the story that is all that matters. 
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July 17, 2017
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