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You know when you get those feelings where you know not to do something? You want to warn your partner whom is currently with you no matter who they are. A friend, relative, acquaintance, sibling, ect… This was one of those days.

This happened sometime around spring of this year. My brother & I had to go grocery shopping one day. I can’t remember how long we’ve been out shopping, but I do remember Smart & Final was the very last stop for the day as twas getting late. As with the car being overloaded even if we did have extra stops to make we couldn’t carry anymore, so we decided to head home instead.

As we were pulling out of the parking lot I strictly remember telling my brother to turn left to take the long way home instead… he took the right instantly against my words. I was about to lecture him for doing so, but I didn’t. As we past the first two traffic lights I remember us having a discussion about the groceries we had just bought. You know the usual talk… how pricey the products were, how crowded the store was, blah-blah-blah…

Some reason I couldn’t shake the feeling something very bad was about to happen though. Sure enough while waiting at the third traffic light where a truck was in the right lane we were all up front. Then out of nowhere a “biker” shows up & passes the both of us up to the front. This… biker had pulled directly in front of the truck to the right of us.

This is where my “red lights” went off, if you know what I mean. I other words I knew that was a sign for trouble right away. *Take the left & not the right.* The voice went off in my head as a warning we had seriously fucked up when we took that right turn. Remembering around fall of last year how a biker fag was driving slowly down the freeway during 3’0clock traffics jam & had knocked our passenger side mirror off wack intentionally then flipped us off for no good reason.

I highly doubt we even did anything to that bastard to deserve that shit. All the while I was left is stuper & disgust I continued to observe him, as he continued down the road punching & kicking other people’s vehicles. He even kicked a vehicle three times & I could see the driver was pissed off from how they moved their car, but plainly couldn’t go after the damned fool no thanks to the traffic jam.

This is why I knew this son of a bitch was going to be trouble right up front. Of course I didn’t wanna let it bother me & kept the discussion going between my brother & I about the groceries. Of course either way twas totally unavoidable. Sure enough the biker fag glanced directly over at us not once, but twice. The second time he started yelling at us. We had the windows up so his yelling I was barely able to make out. Of course stupidly enough I told my brother to slow down so I could see what all the ruckus was about.

Big. Mistake.

Before you know it that biker fag was trying his hardest to catch up with us. When he did I saw something totally off about how he was driving his motorcycle. Unlike most men the front of his body was too low where his ass was up higher than the rest of his body, making it look like the way those female bikers look on those poorly done commercials. Definitely a big give away that he was indeed a biker fag looking for trouble.


He yelled then flipped us off & sped away. My brother asked what happened & I told him we got flipped the bird by some biker fag. Course that faggot pissed me off as I hope one day he gets plowed over by a 18-wheeler… Ever since then I’ve had my suspicions about being around bikers ever since. I try to get away from them as quickly as possible while out on the road.

Now don’t get me wrong as I’ve seen plenty of bikers who mind their own business. I even seen one throw me a thumbs up once, which I guess he must have liked my old man’s car. Not all men who like motorcycles are biker fags, only the ones who like to act stupid & driver around with their ass tooted up so high as if they got a stick stuck up their ass. It’s very rare to see female bikers where I live is why I hardly ever mention anything about them, though I know there are some biker bitches out there who are giving people trouble just like the biker fags.

All I have to say is people who like to drive stupid especially acting like they’re on their PMS should stay off the streets or have their licence revoked.

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October 23, 2017
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