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Trying to finish World of Light!

Streaming Smash! World of Light and other fun stuff! Be sure to come check it out!!

Welcome and hello all!

I'm opening some sketch comms, starting at $2 and will get more expensive the more complex the picture gets!

An example of a comm is here:

Mature Content

Big Kiera by Ifrit9
Which costed $3 

I do allow some discounts on group orders, though I may sager them between other orders to try and make it so people don't way too long :3

I'll do giantess, breasts, lewd things, Futa, pretty much anything bar scat.

If you have an questions let me know, best way to get in contact is over discord, though a note is also okay.

A link to my discord server:
Join in for changes to get requests and what not!
How's it going
Got some things going on and new pictures and such.
Will be opening commissions again soon, if ya interested note me or message me on discord to talk about it before hand.
I got a few on my plate now (along with some other things too) but can still talk and what not :3

Check out my Discord:

Also check out my Youtube page for a bunch of Let's Plays!
Hey all
I'm planning on entering this cool TG/TF Contest hosted by the :icontf-tg-contests: where you have to have a character in a game reach a game over, and as a result that character transforms in someway!
More information on the contest can be found here: 'GAME OVER' Contest-The premise of this contest is to depict a Game Over scenario that involves TFTG (Transformation/Transgender). Essentially draw or write something that shows what happens if a character from a video game is defeated during the course of the game but with a transformation twist.
-Deadline is September 20th (Extension due to scheduling issues)
-The entry can take whatever form you wish Sequence, Comic, Pin-Up, Caption, Story, Origami; whatever you think best conveys the scene.
-The word limit for written entries is 3000.
-You may choose any game you want. We've all seen the ‘Mario becomes the princess’ bit, so try to do something less obvious. Any game means ANY game which allows for a lot of creativity. Popular games aren’t discouraged but try to do something we haven’t seen before.
-You can create your own original game if you would like.
-Mind that this is a ‘Game Over’ contest not a ‘Video game character gets TG’d

And the thing itself is hosted by: :iconflashkill455:
Check it out and hope to see what ya went!

                   Check out my discord -

Commission Slots:
:bulletred: :icongtsmaycry7: - Comic - Page 1 30% Inked
:bulletred: :iconjoeblue: - Comic
So super stream is now over!
Only lasted 13! But got a lot done (Including cutting my knuckle open lol)
Thank you to all who came and no idea when I'll do another super stream, however I do know normal streams will still be about ^^


We've passed the Half Way point!
We've added more girls to the group picture, we're now in the mid 20s!
And gotten a few more stages of GME done!
Be sure to come check it out the rest of it :D

Super Stream Start!
Aiming to stream for 16 + hours!
Lots of a chances to get involved with GME or the group picture which I am to get finished today!
Hope to see ya all there!

Discord channel too!
Commission Status:
:bulletred: :icongtsmaycry7: - Comic - Page 1 30% Inked
:bulletred: :iconjoeblue: - Comic
Hey all!
I has a new Discord channel, this one is going to be a place where I can chat with ya all easily show some wips, you welcoming to show off ya own stuff too, it should be all good!
It's still being developed so I welcome ideas for channels and what not!
So please stop by ^^

Here's the link in case ya didn't get it:
Update: Commissions are closed right now as I work on some of the trail runs for some comic commissions, need to work out the pricing and everything before letting people ask for comics!
If you are still interested in getting a commission please feel free to get in contact with me so I can add ya to the list as soon as they become available.


Hello all
Commissions are open once again!

Check the link here for info
And note me if you have any questions or interested in getting one.

:bulletred: :iconkingkenan69: - Comic - Inked 50% done.
:bulletred: :icongtsmaycry7: - Comic
:bulletred: :iconjoeblue: - Comic
So I'm starting a new project and I need some people to act as NPCs for the world. These can range from blacksmiths, people in need of some help, hell even monsters maybe :3
And I figured I may as well ask you guys for help in filling these roles :3

What I need is the name of the character, a reference of them and there personality.
Keep in mind that I'll likely just look at the list and pick someone who whatever role I need at the time, so you may find ya character being a barmaid or the queen of apposing army.
I'm likely to change there outfit to fit the world, and may change race or something if need be, if you don't want anything to happen to your character or don't want to see them with larger boobs for example, let me know.

Also no limit on how many you can submit

Feel free to ask me any questions, I'll keep this journal updated with a list of the accepted characters.

  Accepted Characters

:bulletred: All of :icongtsmaycry7:'s Characters
:bulletred: :iconadoreblewhisker: Whisker - D'aww by Adoreblewhisker - Happy, playful and willing to help.
:bulletred: :iconmanjiluo: ManjiLuo  - Gaf By Srasomeone-dbgrale (1) by ManjiLuo - Outgoing, bright, lewd, determined, quick to anger
:bulletred: :iconavacadoramabot: Ziana Rivasier - Ziana Rivasier by Ifrit9 - Shy, curious, helpful.
:bulletblue: :iconavacadoramabot: Mune Rivasier -<da:thumb id="259679410"/>- Nice, kind and motherly
:bulletred: :iconmetallicsonic22: Lynelle Moon - Lynelle by Arrowny18 -Curious, Bookworm, helpful
:bulletred: :iconfairyduni: Duni - Duni Reference 2017 by FairyDuni- Very shy, kind
:bulletred: :iconraisen-kun: Rose Van Alucard -

Mature Content

Rose Van Alucard new look by Raisen-kun
- Grumpy, Lonewolf
:bulletred: :iconjoeblue: Sarah - Sarah Ref - Gift by Ifrit9 - Calm, Military flair, friendly
:bulletred: :iconanimefan-279: Lozen Thundermoon - Lozen Sketch Colored by Animefan-279 - Kind, shy, a bit modest at times, has a perverted side
:iconanimefan-279: Yuna Thundermoon - Yuna as human [request] by koekoek19 - loyal, affectionate, outgoing, kind, playful
:iconanimefan-279: Nilche Lizhen Thundermoon - Yuma and Morgan fight tg finale by SebastiansSire - seductive, confident. outgoing, prurient
:bulletred: :iconmegascarletsteam:
Nicole -

Mature Content

Nicole Ref By Goku Senpai by MegaScarletsteam
- kind, well meaning, slightly rash, and determaned
:bulletred: :iconcubanapple: Lucas -… (NSFW) - Nice, kinda sub
:bulletred: :iconmaxout360: Vixen Vex - 

Mature Content

Vixen Vex in the city by maxout360
- friendly, proud, and sometimes mischief
:bulletred: :icon93mickle: Sally - request illustration17 by kurocaze-s - Outgoing, Playful and Lewd
:bulletblue: :icon93mickle: Celeste - Celeste Genie by 93MickleConfident, Seductive and Free spirited.
:bulletred: :iconmaddemon64: Bregwyn Firehide -

Mature Content

Bregwyn Firehide by MadDemon64
- Mostly friendly and Easygoing.
:bulletblue: :iconmaddemon64: Dimetrodia - Dimetrodia by MadDemon64 - no-nonsense and all business.
:bulletred: :iconfantasylord25: Ilithiya - Ilithiya by FantasyLord25 - Adventurous, Lonewolf, and somewhat cynical
:bulletred: :iconvioletzero: Vero - Vero '17 - Cheshire by VioletZero - Carefree, somewhat sultry, mischievous
:bulletred: :iconendecis15: Lyahis Vadeboncoeur - lyahis dice refs by endecis15 - Mercenary, Enjoys Parties and drinks.
:bulletblue: :iconendecis15: Kamya -

Mature Content

commsish.1 : kamya undies by endecis15
- Easy going and kind.
:bulletred: :iconparnash121: Uruhara Hara Uru - - self-serving and a bit of a trickster.
:bulletred: :iconnodrog71329: Xel Greenwood - Xel's Intrusion by Maxa-art - Energetic and Playful. Attracted only to women. Easily Tricked as well.
:bulletred: :iconartgazer12: Gazer - :Allsight: by ARTgazer12 - Kind, helpful, flustered easily around big girls

  In use Characters
:bulletred: :iconifrit9: E.L.I - E.L.I. Ref by Ifrit9 - Game Master
:bulletblue: :iconifrit9: Iffy - Iffy Ref - New by Ifrit9 - Main Character - Witch
:bulletblue: :iconifrit9: Claire -

Mature Content

Claire by Ifrit9
- Researcher
:bulletred: :iconqueencarmilla: Lilly -

Mature Content

European sightseeing by QueenCarmilla
- Playful, Mishchievous, Loose Canon - Thief
This is the journal for the series 'An Iffy Reality' a series where you guys (With the help of E.L.I.) change the reality and see how it effects the target (Being Iffy). Think of it as a 'Choose your own adventure' type series, however the choices are thought up by and then voted by the viewers of my stream!
If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Here be the link to the stream for when it's online:

For the whole series uncensored beck out my tumblr: Iffy-things. (Remove the space)

Here are some useful refs:
Iffy Ref - New by Ifrit9 E.L.I. Ref by Ifrit9 Kiki Ref by Ifrit9 Chizuru - Com by Ifrit9

And here is the series so far:

Mature Content

An Iffy Reality - 01 by Ifrit9

An Iffy Reality - 02
An Iffy Reality - 03
An Iffy Reality - 04
An Iffy Reality - 05
An Iffy Reality - 06
An Iffy Reality - 07
An Iffy Reality - 08
An Iffy Reality - 09
An Iffy Reality - 10
An Iffy Reality - 11
An Iffy Reality - 12
An Iffy Reality - 13
An Iffy Reality - 14
An Iffy Reality - 15
So with another picture done gone (The Neo one) been wondering are there good alternatives to DA that any of ya can suggest?

So for now I've decided to start a tumblr, there's nothing on there yet and may not be for another few hours (Or even days) but I'll give ya the link now incase ya interested:
Well it's a few days late but I gotta say thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday ^^

So also wanted to give a thanks to the follow for drawing me such awesome gifts ^^
Iffy LionTaur by LuckyBucket46 Big and Busty Nel by Thrillseeker9000 Happy Berthday for Ifrit9 by DrSGrowth

Mature Content

Happy B-day Ifrit9 2016 by MegaScarletsteam

I also want to give a thanks to both :iconrick-s81: and :iconfairyduni: for there gifts ^^

Thank you all once again :3
Hey all
I've made a Discord Server and it's going to be an RP one, based on Liz and her Mansion ^^
I've still got a few set up to do along with me just making things up as I go so no idea how this will work out but feel free to come and sign up and join in.
Here's the link, right now ya can just make ya character and what not and hopefully soon the RPing will start ^^
Super Stream Start!
You should come and visit the super stream, cause not only do you get a chance to win a request, you can help out E.L.I with the brand new stream version of Girl Morpher!

So come and enjoy!

Update Stream has finished!
Things will be posted at somepoint
So yesterday's Super stream happened, things didn't quite end how I wanted but Tuesday should go better, no work on Wednesday also so can go a bit later.
I may not start as early either, we'll see though. One thing I know I won't spend as much time cooking food, and more time drawing lol

Update - Though of a few to do for the Stream, and while I do have some plans for the goddess maker, that's gonna be put on hold a bit as a new (simpler) idea.
The idea is with the help from E.L.I the chat will decide on changes that'll happen to Iffy and maybe even reality (though only Iffy would notice the change) I'll likely not allow everything (things that I don't like or will find it hard to draw over and over again for example will likely not get done) however just letting ya know.
Also Don't think that this'll will be replacing requests!
I know I'll likely do things like 'instead of rerolls it's another change to Iffy' And I may do something where if someone wins a request they can get to pick one or two changes for Iffy without having to have all the chat agree.
Any ideas for this or how to organize it are most welcome ^^

So I’m gonna start stream now and my goal is to get it going for at least 12 hours if not more!

There shall be lots of requests given along with me trying out a Choose your own Adventure style thing with the chat ^^


For requests there’s a few rules:

You can ask for anything that I’d normally draw, however make sure it’s something I’d find fun, more fun it is, more effort and time I’ll put into it (And more likely I am to add additional characters, images and so on)

When it comes to the rolling it’s going to be slightly different, Each person will pick from the list of available numbers, and then that shall be your number in till you leave the stream. You won’t be able to change the number (Unless I need to change the range of numbers, then you get the choice to move). If you are AFK and your number comes up you have a few minutes to reply or something, else it’ll be countered as a reroll. Every 3rd reroll will act as if it rolled for the CYOA.

Also there won't be a limit on how many requests you can win, nor a limit on how many you can win in a row!


I’m likely to have missed a few things so feel free to ask me (Likely best to ask me in the stream however lol )

Hope to see ya there :D

No more streaming... 14 hours is enough.

So I had patreon going for a good few months now and I had fun with it, however right now I'm trying to juggle a lot of things in my life and I gotta face facts, I can't keep all these balls in the air.
Patreon, while fun, took a lot of time and the monthly deadlines just added some stress I didn't foresee being as bad as it was.
Idk what I'm going to do with the HQ version of the work or the alt versions, they may get uploaded here, or somewhere else. We'll see
I may even start patreon up again later in the year depending on how things go. Once again we'll see, but for now thank you all for reading and I'll hopefully catch ya with some better news
~ Ifrit