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My dream )
Original terragen render

:bulletblue: Wallpaperpack:

:bulletblue: Technical Details:
programmes: Photoshop, Terragen 2
layers: ~260
time: 1 day

Comments or favs are appreciated :handshake:
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Now where to start^^
I think you have A very good technique and have a good understanding and foundation in photoshop, as a terragen 2 user its nice to see it in use<img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt="=)" title="=) (Smile)" />.

The top half of the image is superbly done a little cliche maybe which is often very common with terrascapes (they all look the same) try and be different weather it be a landscape with striking features or an atmosphere with a unique complexion just something like that to make it stand out from the other terrascapes.

The bottom half of the image is rather boring the camera needs to be at a higher angle not with the horizon dead smack in the centre that is a big no no a useful tip is to tilt the camera on its side which gives it a more eccentric trick point of view also the mountains would look better with a bit of snow on the tops just so it isn't so monotone in colour.

i think along the horizon is where you have nailed it the aurora and solar flares are superbly done and the vivid hues blend in nice with the atmosphere the yellow gold gives it the fresh sense of dawn^^, the little space ships cold have been composed into the seen a little better maybe a little more shadow and reflection.

Keep up the great work man and thanks for all the fav's wish you luck in your next endeavours into the world of science fiction^^ and be different from the rest, work on developing your own style and your artwork will soar!

cheers Wetbanana.
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my Internet is crap too^^
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Thanks for so useful criticism mate!
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not a problem im glad you take critism so well^^. are you up for a collaboration? I Will do the terrain andyou can do the sky?
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I'm not against, the problem is that I have a slow Internet connection, but if it is enough (1 M / bit) we can try.
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Those wispy clouds (rather than thick heavy lumpy clouds) scattering the light make it that more interesting...
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Can I use your picture in my Youtube Video? I will credit you in my video :)
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Hey i really like your picture, I used it in a music video, of course i credited you, Check the link out
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can't believe i didn't fav this before O_O put it right on my desktop, and i could watch it for ever, i'm not sure if i ever find something to replace this as wallpaper :D

btw i started 2 days ago a terra space pic, and wasn't that unsatisfied with the current wip status, but your pic here just ruined everything :D
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Haha thank you :D
I think you can do better than me if you try)
This image is incredible!! I was wondering if I could use this for a possible music album cover. I'm re-releasing my first two albums as free downloads since I recently left my previous record label. I checked out a lot of your work and this one seems to grab my attention the most. My music is a mix of world, ambient, tribal etc. If you would rather I not use this image that's completely fine. :)

Much Respect for your work,
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I am very glad that you like my work, thank you very much!
You can use it for its cover:)
Please leave your link to the album, I would like to hear your music:)
I released the album. Here's the link if you want to check it out:
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Beautiful ambient music man! Keep it up :)
Hi Ilsur,

My name is Mike, and if you remember I used this image as my album cover for a musical recording entitled 'Revive'.  I re-released it back in 2012 as a free download.  I wanted to say thanks again for allowing me to use this image, but I have a new plan of attack.  I would like to start putting all of my albums up for sale as MP3 and hard copy CD purchases.  Would it be okay if I continued to use this image for the art?  Should any of the earnings for this album go to you?  I feel it would be proper since it is your artwork.  How would you feel about this?

Link to my albums page on my website:…

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Hi Mike, yes you can :)
Hi Ilsur,

I will credit you with your full name as the artist when I re-release my album for sale  Sorry for getting back so late.  I was waiting for the other 2 artists to get back to me, but I think they have disappeared, haha.  I have to make new artwork for those other two releases.  No problem though.  Thanks again for allowing me to include this image as the album cover.  If you have a link to a web page that you'd like me to include with your name I will be more than happy to.  Let me know.

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Ilsur Gareev

:) (Smile) 
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Hi, thank you so much!!
Hey man, thanks a lot!! I'm happy you enjoy this kind of stuff. The album cover came out great.
I've been working with the album cover. Is it ok if I credit you in the liner notes as ifreex? I will also add a link to your deviant art page if you like.

Thanks Again
Hi, thank you so much!! I appreciate it. I think it will fit perfect with this album. You can check out my music at this link if you like. I have all tracks uploaded from both albums:

How should I retrieve the album cover? Should I just download it from your page?

Thanks again!!
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