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I hope you like it )
Andy Blueman - Everlasting

:bulletblue: Wallpaperpack:


Need more resolution? Send me a note!

:bulletblue: Technical Details:
full resolution: 4479x2780
programmes: Only Photoshop
layers: ~260

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I love this picture too. :3 I think the contrast is fantastic and the blue tint gives it this amazing space look. I like how the comets are placed in a scalene triangle that makes them look completely natural, though I would vary the distance of them from the planet a little bit more... Also I would adjust the stars in the background a little bit. They sort of look like you tried to draw a line straight behind the planet but it ended up a little off. Either straightening it or making it more organic would fix that. I might honestly do it in a straight line for this one so it looks like an explosion type thing is going on behind the planet.... I would say the same thing about the asteroids around the planet - either straighten them out a bit (just a bit) or make them so they're not as straight... Though I would lean towards distorting them a little bit more.... My final point is that I would place the planet a little bit away from the center and place something in the opposite corner, just for compositions sake. Hope this was helpful. :3