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Round Robin by ifourdezign-DA, visual art

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Dezign with a Zed or a Zee!

With an extensive background in magazine publishing ranging over a period of sixteen years, ifourdezign has attained a varying array of skills in layout and print media. However, away from the complexities of working in four-colour print, ifourdezign's personal interests tend to lie within the illustrative process. Particularly vector illustration, photo-manipulation, digital painting, especially photo/hyper-realism in portraiture and more recently 3D art.

So, when was the digital art bug first realised?

"In the home environment, surprisingly late. In fact, I didn't get my first home computer until the grand old age of twenty-five. Which sounds quite ridiculous now when you think kids, these days, practically come out of the womb clutching a tablet and are capable of coding by the age of two!

But, it was at least a whole decade, plus a few years, after I first started working in publishing that I decided to make the transition from traditional mediums like pencil/pen /ink/watercolour and pastels before I went digital at home fulltime. Although it was a process I, personally, found relatively painless seeing that I was already using the same software at work on a regular basis.

However, one thing ifourdezign's keen to stress is that while working in a fast-paced, commercially driven environment may offer an artist good experience and training, it doesn't inevitably make you a great painter or digital artist.

On the contrary. In fact, it can even restrict you creatively. Think about it. In the work environment, no matter your role, you're probably only ever going to utilize about 40% of the package. Which means the rest of what you choose to learn has to be performed in your own time. Something which isn't always easy to replicate in the home environment.

After all, DTP or desktop publishing was in its infancy when I first started in advertising/publishing and packages like Photoshop and Illustrator were often only accessible within a professional studio. Which is exactly why, (if anyone should ever ask), why I'm proud to say, I'm most definitely a self-taught digital artist!

So, what are the pros working digitally?

In a word...accessibility! I just love that I have access to literally everything I need to create right here, in front of me. Thankfully, gone are the days where the living room table was a mass with tins of pencils, pots of paint and overworked sketchpads.

And the cons?

Since year dot I've always been a perfectionist. Not to say that's a bad thing. However, these days, I'm literally off the scale with an even bigger obsession for detail. I guess I just never quite know when to stop!'. — ifourdezign

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Key Interests:

Photo Manipulation ❙ Vector Art ❙ Photo/Hyper-realism ❙ Digital Painting & Portraiture ❙ 3D art ❙ TV/Music Fan Art

Key focus:

To produce high quality, detailed, photo-realistic work utilizing both 2D and 3D software.

Tools of the Trade:

 27" iMac ❙ Wacom Intuos3 ❙ Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator CS5 ❙ DAZ Studio

Non-commercial FanArt:

I'm not new to DA and have had another DA acccount for over 10 years. You can locate this at i4dezign73.deviantart.com/


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Tools of the Trade
Adobe Creative Suite - Photoshop & Illustrator | 3D Daz Studio

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