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Urotsukidoji - Amano Megumi

It's the Eighties
Do a lot of coke and vote for Ronald Reagan!♪

Stewie Griffin voice: "I'm just saying, '80s anime girls were different, I don't know..."

Soooooo I'm like, wanting to draw a '80s anime character, but kinda lost on who to draw.

I generally try not to draw anyone with too much existing fanart, because I think it's a little unfair on characters with little fanart drawn of them. 

So I had to draw an '80s anime character with little existing fanart.

So here we are, a quick pic of Amano Megumi from Maeda Toshio's Urotsukidoji...

Here's some interesting trivia: The voice actress for Megumi, Okamoto Maya, also did the voice for Emma Sheen in Gundam Z.  
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Love the Panty Shot ;)

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