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FFXIV - Alisaie Leveilleur

*spoilerific stuff ahead ahoy-hoy*

At the end of the Final Fantasy XIV expansion "Shadowbringers", it is comically revealed that ol' Alphie can't swim.

Ali however, can.

And for most summers, I usually end up drawing some sorta swimsuit/beach pic.

So here's this years: Ali and Alphie at the beach.

*spoilery thing end*

Many years ago, I sketched a beach pic with the female Scions, all modelling the various swimsuits that FFXIV had to offer.

I never got around to finishing it, but I managed to recycle my sketch of Ali for this pic.

Y'shtola woulda looked stylish, Yda woulda looked shapely, and Tataru woulda looked adorbs.

Maybe ONE year, I'll decide to commit to drawing it, but pics where I hafta draw 4 people takes 4 times as long.

But for now, it exists only as a hasty sketch.
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I'm kinda scarred by the fact that Alphinaud and her are twins, because I kinda have a serious crush on Alisae. I love the design of her swimsuit! It definitely fits! She's got nice legs too :D

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this Girl in a Legs behind head Pose  pls ^^
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Probably not, sorry!

Contortionist poses are actually quite difficult to get right and to look natural >< For me, anyways. 
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☆⌒(*^-゜)v Thanks!!
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★-(ゝ∀・` Thank You!´ゝ∀・)-☆
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I so loved to know if you take commission or not see your charming talent:heart:
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