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Krita Environment Brushes

By IForce73
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„Environment Brushes“ for Krita 3 is a set of Brushes for creating Landscape and Nature scenes.It contains several sets like Forest Vegetation, Mountains & Structures, Atmosphere & Light, Leaves & Flowers and Trees & Bushes.

The Download also contains a detailed decription as PDF on how to install and use the Brushes.

You can find a short demo video here www.youtube.com/watch?v=vvo_ZG…

Installing the Brushes www.youtube.com/watch?v=FO6zaq…

You can find the Download for the new Krita 4 Version here iforce73.deviantart.com/art/En…

If you like my work you can support me with a small donation  paypal.me/iforce73

Happy painting !

© 2017 - 2021 IForce73
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Thank you...!!

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Thank you so much for these!

The only ones that don't seem to be working for me are:

Bark Brush

Rocky Mountain

Structure Knife

Was there supposed to be a texture within these brushes? When I look at the brush head from the Edit Brush Settings menu, I just see a blank block.

I did copy over all the brush heads as per the instructions. :shrug:

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this version of the "Environments" is too old for the current Krita release. I recommend to download the Bundle Version of the "Environments" or "Environments 2.0"

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should I reference your the bundle if I use it my work?

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If you like you can..but no must of course

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God will bless you .

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Thank you :) <3

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Thank you so much! I'm just starting with some udemy tutorials for digital painting and really needed (and like!) your bruhes : )

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Hi, what is a price of brushesh? I can see "buy from 4.79$" but when click it the price is 22$. Thank you.

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thank you very much

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Thank you so so so much! I really needed some brushes for backgrounds!
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THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH i really needed this for my backgrounds
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Wow thanks so much. This is great. Krita is great, you are great. Everything is just great ^ ^ 
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oh my thank you so much! Ive been needed environment tools ^w^ 
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Hello! Thank you so much for this bundle :)
I love your stuff!!
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Finally it's done...

Environment Brushes and Forest Vegetation 3 as a Bundle Version compatible with the new Krita 4 Version !

you can download it here Environment Brushes and Forest Vegetation 3 by IForce73
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Hi Folks,

unfortunately it seems that the Environment Brushes are not working correctly with the new Krita 4.0.0 Version. Working with the Brushes that have the Value setting turned on producing weird colours that look much too bright. It seems that some settings in the new Version of Krita have been changed. I will try to make an update of the Brushes asap.

happy painting !
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