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Environments 2.0

A Set of Brushes for painting Landscapes and Environments in Krita 4. This is a really huge set of more than 140 Brushes and It also combines the most useful stuff from "Environment Brushes" and "Forest Vegetation 3". So you have everything in one setup.

If you like my work you can support me with a small donation

You can watch some demo videos of how to use the Brushes here :

Here a video how the Brushes can be installed :

Have fun and happy painting !
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I did not get the shape and structure set

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this is so good!!! thanks

works perfectly fine! thanks a lot !

thanks! can't wait to try them!

My Krita is not working properly since I installed Environment 2.0 . There are Xs on the picture of the brushes and when I tried to use them they come up as outlines of a page . Now I cannot get that off my Krita. Help!

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That's quite easy to solve. Please copy/add the Brushtips that come with the download package into the dedicated Brushes folder of Krita. You can find the link to an install video when you scroll down the credits of the Deviantart site where you've downloadef the "Environments 2.0" Brushes.
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that's quite easy to fix. All you have to do is adding the Brushtips of the Environments 2.0 package into the dedicated Brush Folder of Krita. How that works you can see in the install video (link is at the bottom of the product description)

I'm so excited to try these new brushes in my Krita. I love doing landscapes so they will be perfect!!

Thank you so much!!

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Hey for me a lot of the brushes have an X and show up as only triangles. Any ideas on how to fix it?

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Hi, please make sure to add the brushtips that come with the package into the dedicated brush folder of Krita. You can watch a video about this on my iforce73 youtube channel. Or scroll down the credits of the download site here on Deviantart. There you can find the direct link to the video.

Happy Painting

thanks a lot !!!

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Wow, thankyou very much for these brushes.


unable to decompress .zip file on mac mini m1

For reasons unknown the archive manager at least on Ubuntu 18.04 fails to unzip many of the bundles and brush tips returning dozens of files with zero bytes. Using unzip from the terminal seems to unzip the bundles normally. So if you are on Linux and having problems installing this brush set that might help.

Only the Mountains bundle will load into Krita 4.2.9 all the others report an error. On checking all the others are zero bytes. I have down loaded 3 times so it doesn't seem to be a download error.

Hello, these brushes have been working great even though I'm just using a mouse, thank you for providing them freely. I would like to know if you have a brush for Krita that functions like the fan brush at the 34:00 minute mark in this video, where he makes the tree trunks in the distance. Thanks again!

It's so great !

Thank you for your kind.

Thank you so much

Than you so much!

Hola!!! por favor abra la posibilidad de tener las instrucciones en Spanish?o por escrito con las pautas ? Gracias!!!

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