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Environments 2.0
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By IForce73   |   Watch
Published: August 15, 2018
© 2018 - 2019 IForce73
A brandnew Set of Brushes for painting Landscapes and Environments in Krita 4. This is a really huge set of more than 140 Brushes and It also combines the most useful stuff from "Environment Brushes" and "Forest Vegetation 3". So you have everything in one setup.

If you like my work you can support me with a small donation

You can watch a small demo video on how to use the Brushes here :

Here a video how the Brushes can be installed :

Have fun and happy painting !
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WtaeNew Deviant
thank you :)
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nocnysadystaNew Deviant

Great brushes! Thank You

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johnnyblu84New Deviant

Thank you for these brushes, I hope you keep making more! even some ocean brushes

Boat alone lake
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Thanks a lot man!
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came by the youtube vid, and loved the brushes. Used to create backgrounds and grass, and worked fantastically!
Onyx the Dragon by CthulhuIsRight
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just watched the "Painting in the Style of Bob Ross" video. thanks for the brushes.
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JamikArtHobbyist Digital Artist
thank you!
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emperorpiscesHobbyist Traditional Artist
Do they work for Krita 4? Sorry there’s just way too much outdated brushes so I’m trying to make a collection of the recent ones.
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JamikArtHobbyist Digital Artist
im using the latest version of krita and they work just fine!
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emperorpiscesHobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for letting me know :D (Big Grin) 
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WhytedreamzHobbyist General Artist

brushes look really cool, just looking at krita again since version 4.2 just released to see if it has fixed the problem I was having with the blend brush and from a 5 minuite test it seems it does indeed have quite a good bristle blender but no doubt I will find some even better ones on the internet somewhere, but the built in already is a lot better so gonna give krita another try and move from photoshop although on my older hardware photoshop is probably the better shout in terms of performance, this new release has got me excited, don't know what is wrong with me when new software releases get me excited but there I go, and krita here we come.

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roelvanheiningenHobbyist General Artist
thanks awesome just what i where looking for:)
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justAredHareingHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for sharing these brushes. I really appreciated the variety you included. Here is my first shot at using them, going along with your demonstration speedpaint.
New Brush Test by justAredHareing  
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NyandzetteHobbyist General Artist

Thank you so much! For the brushes AND the complete explanations!

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This is a fantastic set of brushes! It has made the transition from oils and canvas to digital easy for me.  Here's a painting I just uploaded to a "Paint like Bob Ross" contest. It's done in Krita 4.15 using the environments 2.0 brush pack. I did the mountains underpainting in Corel Painter 2015 and then switched to Krita 4.15 for the rest of the painting. 

                                                                          Wilderness Refuge by michaelworthington

Thank you for making these brushes available. I can't get by without them.
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midnight27blackHobbyist General Artist
i cant download it
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PainthisiceHobbyist Artist
I downloaded your brushes here and some older brushes for a older version! :) They are really cool!!! The best brushes ive ever seen before for realistic nature art. :) I will send you a donation soon, when i get my money from work! :) 
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PainthisiceHobbyist Artist
Damn, i thought i downloaded this but it doesnt work :( Whats the problem? When i click on the download-button, DeviantArt says the site doesnt exist.
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DinocanidHobbyist General Artist
Yeah, it's unfortunately broken in 4.1.x. When trying to use the brushes all I get are triangles.
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EEEnt-OFFICIALProfessional Digital Artist
Sadly these brushes are broken.
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IForce73Hobbyist Digital Artist
What version of Krita you are using ?
EEEnt-OFFICIAL's avatar
EEEnt-OFFICIALProfessional Digital Artist
I'm using 4.1.5, currently. I installed the version from April successfully. Is it worth removing the April version and installing this one instead?
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thecookiemommaStudent General Artist
Created a piece with it. These are lovely brushes.  Here is the piece I made Gone Fishin by thecookiemomma
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IForce73Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very nice !
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