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Changeling Hive

By IFoldBooks
Chrysalis wus all sad and ronery sho I went to her house and dwew her a pwetty picture!

Changeling hive concept art. Refining of technique. Characters or lighting and colour next? You decide.

Oh, and the year's coming to an end, I'm getting busier and shit, so sorry if I don't post anything.
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Hi, I'm working on a single comic page and there is a panel that need Changeling Hive background but I can't draw it 'cause I use mouse so can I use this as the background of it? I will credit you.
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I reall y want to see the changeling's again maybe show the audience what the hive looks like
Badgaldinger's avatar
This is more than a little awesome.
ThePokeBrony's avatar
Using this for a few things ^^
Mathew-Swift-VA's avatar
This looks like a scenario from FO:E

Imagine if the Changelings survived the pony/zebra war, and LittlePip goes on a one-on-one fight with Queen Chrysalis!
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i hope you don't mind, but i used this image for the cover art of a reading i did on youtube.…
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The art used for Slyphstorm's "Spirits" if memory serves me correctly.
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Awesome I've been listening to this for like EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Very interesting and what an epic background. You get the feeling that it is bigger  then just what you are seeing.
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nice, I've often wonderd what the changeling kingdom looked like, now I have an idea
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While I personally don't do the whole Hive fanon (I'm more Changeling KINGDOM), I will admit this is a very done picture.
hamtro1's avatar
may i use this as a bg for a changling oc ref? I will give full credit
Grazehunter's avatar
Still one of the best depictions of the hive, would you mind if I used this for a cover for a fan fic? I will credit you of course!
IFoldBooks's avatar
Nope, go ahead! :)

And thank you!
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Changelings living underground, huh?

I have a little trouble believing that, simply because they didn't look disoriented in the episode they appeared in. Ever turn the lights on in the bathroom when you're just waking up? Living underground, that'd be a million times worse.

Still, good art.
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Just how stupid are you actually?
ionoid's avatar
You're obviously not very intelligent.
ionoid's avatar
↓Yeah, what he said.
(God, I hate it when I say that.)
3p1cd3m0n's avatar
It's not like the changeling immediately went from there hive to canterlot. They could've gradually worked their way into light, so they could see well during the battle. That, or they could just be able to quickly adjust to different lightings.
SkyBoltsMusic's avatar
This is a really well done and beautiful piece of art... Would you mind if I used this as the video art for a song? I would like back here and give you full credit of course...
IFoldBooks's avatar
Of course not! :)

Go ahead!
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