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...Come Back...

By IFeelNothing
here's a watercolour i did that i actually like

the assignment was to take object from pictures we have and combine them into a portrait.
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that's really beautiful. you clearly have one hell of a talent, well done!
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thanks...that comment just made me feel smily inside. ^.^
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hehe no worries. :hug:
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Wow...this is really awesome. I'm not usually into using watercolor either but it works really well in this. I love the texture in the sky.
It makes it feel like a dream.
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why thank you that was wot i was going for..
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that says a lot sometimes :)
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that is so cool!!!!!! probably one of my favorites so far...copy to ME!
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Wow, that is beautiful babe!! I am glad you did this!! Awesome! :nod:
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Wow...That Looks Great...^^
Eric Moon
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aww..that feeling we all know too well.
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yes....i know....
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this is really cool :nod:
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It reminds me of the movie The Crow. The memories of Eric and Shelly were always so warm, just like your painting... It reminds me of the field scene...I really love this
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wow! the colours are so warm :) I like move on that picture
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