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Good Alchemist Bad Alchemist

Whee, this is fun. Al's the only person in the whole series who could possibly get away with that. If you couldn't tell who the 'crayon' drawings are, in order from left to right is Ed, Tucker, Mustang, Gran, Armstrong, and Kimblee.
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Gran must be 2003 anime and not the Manga because in the manga version he actually wasn't that bad Commanche would be a better example from the manga. you right Al is the only one who could get away with that Ed would get himself murdered and Manga Scar would love if if you gave him a couple minutes with Kimblee alone.
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Alphonse, please don't torture poor Scar XD
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I can't stop laughing :D
awww so cute!!! i love the little flashcards and alphonses face :D
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I wish I could see this happen in the show. I would die laughing.
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Yeah Al is the only one who could do it and live. Perhaps Mei could as well.

Scar seems to have a fondness for little kids. :D
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-steals scar after alphonse is done talking- -puts him in closet with kimblee and greed
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as much as i like the idea of greed kimblee and scar all tucked away in a closet, it's probably a bad idea to put kimblee and scar in the same place :XD:
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awwwwww! poor scar! can i untie him?
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Eeek, that's so funny! :D
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Heheh...sheer brilliance. I love Al's little scribbled drawings of each alchemist! Great work...I love this piece!
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poor Scar he's like me some times with the whole "forget it I'll never under stand it! leave me alone to kill people!", lol
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I love Al's expression in 4th panel x3
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what? Kimbley?? BAD??? Oo omfg, that's new info for me...^^;
*phf* nah, if I think of it he's too pretty to be evil XD
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Ha ha xD
I love it.
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Awwww... this is so creative and cute!
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So cute. I agree, Al's the only person Scar would let survive after something like this.
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Eheheh....I love it. You're right, only Al could really get away with this....cute piece! ^^
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Great job, it's cute ^_^
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Poor Scar, and Kimbley.
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