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AF: Atlantis Complex 00

By iesnoth
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This is the color cover of the comic :iconmegan-uosiu: and I did together. :D
The first half is on her site, the next half is on mine. :)
It's flippin' awesome, ya'll!
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When coming across this on the intent, i was under the genuine impression this was official. The art is so well done, it far surpasses the official comics. I so wish you did the whole series. The art is genuinely expressive and this is the best looking Artemis I've ever seen. I hope to see your comic work in the future, I've seen worse looking comics than this flying of the selves at comic shops.
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Thank you so much! I owe a lot to the colorist on these pages, but I love doing Artemis Fowl comics.
I'd like to make my own someday, too, so your words mean a lot.

If you'd like more AF content, I run a blog where I post near daily Artemis Fowl art:
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Your comic is so amazing!!!
I already saw it a couple years ago and I´m so happy I found it again:lovely: Heart Love 
Awesome work, I love your style! The Atlantis Complex is definitely one of my favourite books^^
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Thank you! I recently reread the series, and though I wasn't a fan of the latter books when I first read them, I really like them now!
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All the official Artemis Fowl comics r kinda weird.
i'm fangirling right now
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Frond...ARTY :love: 
Aaaaaaaaaah he looks so good!!!!!!
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Czy ten komiks został wydany ? Pytam się czy można gdzieś go dostać w formie papierowej bo zapowiada się ciekawie :)
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No, unfortunately these 16 pages is all we made, and it is not available on paper. I'm glad you like it, though. :)
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I would love to, but it's not in the cards for me at the moment.
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555555555555555555555555555 and how about 5 more fives 55555
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This is so cool! XD Is a straight jacket?
I love how there's a bunch of fives and that one four...XD
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Yes he is, and thanks!
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Is he in a strait jacket?
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I love your artwork so much :)
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^^ thanks so much!
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Shoot, I need to read the book first...but I'm defiantly coming back for this!! I love your designs for the characters!
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thanks! it only covers the first or second chapter, so there's no major spoilers. :)
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i like it :D but awwwww, no Butler? :(
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he wasn't in the book at this point. :(
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ack, gerf i know. *slams face into desk*
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These are fantastic. I love the expression on Artemis's face. Well, no, I don't, because he's so obviously ill, and that makes me sad, but you drew it wonderfully.
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