Vampire Short Story

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The clock had just struck twelve when I heard my phone ringing. Bzz bzz. The phone vibrated on my nightstand for a while as I contemplated answering the call. Who was calling at 12 am and why the hell were they bothering me? I quickly rubbed my eyes with my fingers to try to wake myself up before picking up the phone. "Hello?" I answered in a groggy, yet irritated, tone of voice.

No response. Typical Halloween prank, you call a guy at 12 a.m. and don't make any sort of noise. Repeat that cycle every 30 minutes or so and the result is exactly what you think you'll get. It was now technically October 31st, which meant that I would be getting pranked like this for a whole 24 hours. I thought that to be true, until I suddenly heard noise on the opposite end of the phone call.

What sounded like a man with a raspy voice mumbled the words, “Meet me outside. Now.” The sound of the man hanging up the phone prevented me from replying with a snarky response. Confusion entered within my brain, but hey, I doubt this man could hurt me even if I did indeed go outside. Dragging myself out of bed, I grabbed my jacket and sneakers then headed outside.

The sound of the trees rustling in the wind instantly relaxed me, but I knew I was looking for trouble as soon as I arrived outside of my house. I started walking around my backyard and I noticed the only sound I heard was the wind, other than that it was extremely quiet. Then, suddenly I heard someone quickly approaching by the way their shoes hit the ground. It was as if they were coming behind me, so I quickly turned around and I saw the man at least 6 feet away from me. It was as if this man was actually happy to see me because his face was covered with emotions of full bliss.

“Oh my god! You actually came outside!! I hope you don’t mind, but I jumped over the gate that leads to your backyard area, that's how I got here. I’m a BIG FAN! You’re like….the most handsome guy I have ever met and everyone adores you!” The man exclaimed as he tried to catch his breath.

A smile lit up on my face as I instantly recognized this man, he was the leader of a fan club that adores me. I live within the city of Kills and I’m best known for being a vampire who runs a blog called Vamps. Every year on Halloween someone prank calls me because of course they want to fuck around with a vampire out of all people. I’m known to be one of the most popular creatures associated with Halloween so it’s only natural that people would be obsessed with me.

“I’m glad people like you love me, it makes me insanely happy. What can I do for you though? You distrubed my sleep and there must be a reason for doing that.”

“Ah yes...I was wondering if you could...um...bite me?”

I rolled my eyes and sighed, Jesus Christ...He only trespassed because he wanted for me to bite him? Really? This was pissing me off but I only kept my cool because he was a fan of mine. I gestured to the man to move closer to my body so I could bite him. Once he moved, I quickly grabbed his neck and sunk my fangs into his warm body. I would be lying if I said he didn’t taste good. I think I drank too much though because suddenly the man went limp within my arms.

Retreating from his body, I quickly realized that the man was unconscious. He wasn’t dead or anything, thank God, but I had already done my duty and I wasn’t about to let him come into my house. I simply walked back into my house and pretended as if he wasn't there in my backyard.

I headed back upstairs to my coffin to take a quick nap. A vampire needs his beauty sleep, don’t you think?

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