The Emotional Ghoul - Naki x Reader

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“Big bro...Yamori...Gagi and Guge..”

Naki was preforming his nightly ritual of announcing all of his comrade’s names, they were all dead and he mourned them every night. He couldn’t remember what was said in a meeting thirty minutes ago, but he could remember every single person’s name who died fighting with/for him. You could hear him sniffling and crying since you weren’t that far away from Naki, it was upsetting for you to personally witness this daily routine. 

When he was finished mourning, he slowly got up and lifted his head towards the sky. His eyes were riddled with sadness but it slowly vanished as he smiled and jumped down from the roof he was standing upon. Naki is a good man, he desperately tries to protect his men and if someone dies then he announces their name every day, never forgetting a soul. You wondered if he would one day be mumbling your name since nobody quite knows when or how they’re gonna die. 

You walked up towards Naki and grabbed both of his hands and held them, he was obviously hurting and it didn’t help that someone he was close to died a while ago. The feelings he was producing were raw and since he’s an emotional ghoul, he would cry constantly. You didn’t mind that at all though, you actually found it quite cute. While you were rubbing Naki’s hands with your thumbs, Naki took you off guard and quickly turned the hand-holding into a strong hug, grasping your shirt and tucking his head into your shoulder. 

You lifted up your right hand and started stroking his hair, comforting him was the most important thing for you to do for him since he dealt with pain and sorrow with extreme difficulty. Naki couldn’t handle his feelings well so you were always on the sidelines comforting him and hyping him up. Your shoulder was beginning to feel wet as Naki was sobbing onto you. Naki slowly lifted his head after a few minutes of nothing but the noise of him crying, he smiled at you which gave the impression of a “thank you.” You nodded your head at him and grinned back.

Both of you couldn’t look away as your eyes were fixed on each other. You didn’t know if you could actually make a move on him, did he even like you? There wasn’t much time left to find out because as soon as you tried to pull away, he tilted his head and kissed you, holding you within his muscular arms. A moan somehow escaped out of your mouth as you were enjoying this romantic moment. You’ve liked Naki since before you even met him, you knew about the white suit gang and how Naki was the new boss. He looked, and still looks, extremely handsome yet cute. You couldn’t help but like him already, and now that you’ve talked to him for so long, you couldn’t help but feel love now too. 

Naki pulled away and said, “Thank you, so much for helping me..all this time..I’ve liked you so so god damn much and I didn’t know this would even happen tonight but please-”

You cut him off by placing your finger upon his lips. 

“Naki, I’ve liked you just as much as you’ve liked me this entire time. I’ve watched you grow more mature and even get in touch with your emotions. Nothing you say or do can prevent me from loving you. So shut up and let me kiss you, okay?”

He smiled and nodded yes, it didn’t take much to make him happy honestly. He could see a picture of a cute cat and instantly be driven into happiness, but this situation was different. Naki finally was able to admit his true feelings and not let anything hold back, he was already happy with you being around but he finally got to understand and verbally admit how special you are to him.

Long live Naki, the emotional ghoul.

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