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After the sudden unfortunate death of his sister, Nishiki didn’t know who to trust anymore. Ghouls and humans were both trash alike so it didn’t matter if whom he met was just like him, a ghoul, or even the opposite, that label of ‘human’ and ‘ghoul’ meant jack shit to him since both sides were filled with utter garbage. A human ratted out his sister to the CCG and ghouls sought out the need to attack Nishiki just for stepping within their territory. Nishiki took every day one step at a time, he was trying to get an education at college while going job-hunting every once in a while.

One day while going home after his afternoon class sessions ended, Nishiki stumbled upon the Anteiku cafe. The sign in front of the cafe read “300 yen special, comes with coffee and a snack.” Nishiki was quite thirsty and didn’t have much to eat, he was so hungry that he didn’t even care if what he ate was human food. Regardless of what humans eat, it all tastes like horse shit, at least to Nishiki. He let out a sigh and walked into the cafe, within it were several places to sit and the whole cafe looked extremely clean and nice. For a small business, this sure looked extravagant. 

There weren’t any customers within the cafe beside Nishiki, he thought of this as a small break since he could get some actual peace and quiet for once in his life. A young girl with purple hair holding a small notepad came up to him. 

“Hello, my name is Touka and welcome to Anteiku. What would you like?” She glimpsed over at Nishiki before her eyes went back to her notepad, waiting to write something down.

“Yeah..uh can I get that 300 yen special that’s out on the front sign?” With a quick nod and swipe of a pen on the notepad, the waitress walked off and started to make the, rather cheap, special combo. Nishiki could immediately tell that his waitress was a ghoul, no doubt about it. Anyone who’s a ghoul can immediately sense a fellow ghoul among them, so his waitress probably suspected him to be a ghoul as well.

When the young woman came back to deliver his coffee and snack, she leaned over and stared dead into his eyes. 

“You’re a ghoul, aren’t you?”

Nishiki read her name tag, which said Touka, and sneered in response to her question. “I don’t think it’s quite nice to assume something right off the bat, don’t you think? But yes...I am a ghoul. What about it, missy?”

Touka rolled her eyes. “Because we are only hiring strickly ghouls, dumbass. This is technically a ghoul-ran cafe, everyone who works here is a ghoul. I’ve seen you around offering your services to places around our cafe so I assumed you wanted a job. I’m only being nice here but if you don’t want to make some money then…”

Make some money at a cafe? Hmmm...didn’t seem quite up Nishiki’s alley but he was desperate to fund the rent for his apartment while also paying for his education. This almost seemed as if it was fate. 

“I’ll take the job, Touka.”

Touka smirked, turned around, and quickly went off to find the job application worksheet. This specific cafe didn’t just hire literally any ghoul, they were very protective of their customers and their employees since the ghouls running it only ate suicide victims instead of actual customers they come across on a daily basis. Nishiki leaned back into his chair and sipped his coffee slowly, indulging the bitter taste one drop at a time.

While looking across the street through the window, he saw a young man wearing an eyepatch walking across the street. He had black hair and seemed very timid as if something horrific was going to happen. As he was fixated on the young boy, he quickly realized he was meeting someone Nishiki knew. Hideyoshi.

i love nishiki lmao i decided to write this lil short story
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