At Peace

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As the sound of death rattling within my ears overcome me, my thoughts scramble and soon shatter apart. I feel everything. I think nothing.

My skin is decaying and I can feel it. There's nothing more frightening than watching yourself go downhill and soon - you're a box of ashes in someone's house. My eyes look up to see my daughter, Jasmine, smiling as she looks down upon her disgusting mother. Nobody and nothing could help my fragile body as it was succumbing to its destiny, which was death. 

As if the clock chiming was a signal, my heart stopped at 12 a.m. sharp.

"Ding dong, the witch is dead!" Jasmine yelled in triumph as she examined me, making sure my heart wasn't beating and that my lifeless eyes weren't just a mixture of an illusion. I could see everything that was happening because I was an earthbound spirit.

Fuck my life right? 

Jasmine dragged my body through the house and even though I was barely 100 pounds, she acted as if I was overweight. My body hit multiple things, such as the living room table, but she continued on her quest to getting rid of the dead body. It was honestly pathetic watching her drag me for god knows how long just to get rid of me in the backyard. If you're going to poison your own mother, why not go all out and hide the body in a lake or something? 

I guess I deserved this fashion of death in some sort of way, because I know I was harsh on my daughter and that I tended to be..a bitch. It was always just her and I. No husband, no sons, no other daughters, just us. I treasured that but obviously that feeling wasn’t mutual.

You know, even though I obviously realize my daughter should go to jail and suffer for all of eternity, I still love her. We put each other through hell and back..I can’t forgive her for what she did to me but what I can do is make peace that both of us cannot undo our past mistakes but instead go on. 

So I went on, onto my path to spiritual freedom. I was not longer earthbound but instead cleansed from all past memories and pain. I am at peace

just a fun lil story! 
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