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A birthday gift, contemplating the universe. ♪
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but the question is, are we the emptiness, or are we the stars?
Fluffy-Mellow's avatar
may I use this as page decor?? (I can credit)
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Yes go for it! Please credit :^D <3
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Amepan's avatar
omg! is so cuteh and perfect
ieafy's avatar
Ahh thank you ! <3
urging's avatar
im RLY SORRY to be this person, but do you mind if i use this on my tumblr, as long as i credit + link you?
ieafy's avatar
It's fine! Thanks for asking, please link to your blog as well! I'd love to see it : )
urging's avatar
thank you so much!! i used the picture in the about page
its actually a blog for one of my ocs though haha
pompon-chan's avatar
. o . so awesome wow, your good a t so many things * A *
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Ahhh not really ; v ; but thank you so much anyway!! <3
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Simple yet beautiful! :iconpinkiepiegaspplz:
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Aw thank you!
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bananas are people too
ieafy's avatar
only a little
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Your style is so soothing and surreal, perfect for this image. <3!
ieafy's avatar
Aw thank you so much ! <3
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such nice pixelling <3 Love that simplistic style :iconkissingplz:
ieafy's avatar
Hehe thank you Mel ! <3
skittlefuck's avatar
Lovely pixelling style!
ieafy's avatar
Thanks a bunch! <3
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