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The Tall Grass, The Unknown
Across the length of ploughed earth
The grass grows tall and thick.
There’s a sense of ancient mystery
That dwells in every prairie.
It holds the forgotten secrets.
A door stands in the tall grass.
Leading into the unknown.
Who roams the tall grass,
Hidden in a mass of stems?
Who dwells there, in the unseen?
Who is sitting in the thicket,
Waiting for eternity?
What is it in the tall grass?
Waiting in the unknown?
A stream in the tall grass.
A stripe of blue in the green.
Water traveling across the world.
A pilgrim, going from there to here.
Coming from the world of yonder.
A creek flows in the tall grass.
Its source is the unknown.
Crows, they burst from the grass.
They were waiting unseen,
In the place where eyes do not go.
Streaks of darkness take to the air.
And they glide away. the realm of elsewhere.
Crows fly out of the tall grass.
They soar into the unknown.
Twilight falls over the land.
Casting a yellow glow on the grass.
Silence is waiting there
Hidden behind the noise.
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Data Cube of Triangulon
The prototype hybrid intergalactic spaceship H.U.A.F. S.O. 17-45-59-21 Cecearif hurtled through hyperspace. Its captain liked to call it the Cecearif (pronounced see-see-ar-if). It exited hyperspace outside of the Triangulon Solar System. The Triangulon star had only one planet, but many asteroids. The planet was called Triangulon I. The ship had a crew of 25. Most of the crew were part of the military. Four of them were not part of the military, but were still part of the ship's crew. The crew members were:
The captain, Captain Tyler Angrev;
the second in command, Lieutenant-Captain Mark Irlan;
the pilot, Lieutenant Skyler Amana;
the navigator, Sargent Forest Tebern;
the communication coordinator, Lieutenant Deric Faucet;
the gunner, Sargent Alan Vekisot;
the fighter pilot, Sargent Karen Alisoide;
the other fighter pilot, Sargent Aron Rade;
the engineer, Rick Willard;
the medic, Dillon Warlon;
the janitor and cook, Steve Smith;
the other janitor and cook Janet Bain;
the ground team 1
:iconidw-chen:IDW-Chen 2 0
The Wanderers by IDW-Chen The Wanderers :iconidw-chen:IDW-Chen 3 0
Books and Shelves
-The Books That Do Not Get Read
The library is filled with books. How many are there? Hundreds, maybe even thousands. All those words. There's the front section, with exciting fiction books, like “The Sword of Shannarah.” There's a section with all those powerful, deep books like “Home to Ruins.” And then there's the back section. It's dark, claustrophobic. The books are informative. Some of them give the author's opinions on current events, like “The Fate of the Earth” and “The Omnivore's Dilemma.” Some are straight-up information, like the twelve volume “The History of the American People” and “The French Revolution.” I like that section. There's probably as much books back there as the rest of the library. But all the books are covered with dust. Nobody ever reads those books. They are obscure, and less than interesting. Many of them have no dust-jacket and no title cover, just plain leather-bound and cloth-boun
:iconidw-chen:IDW-Chen 2 1
Escape to Ft. Kearny
The wagon train worked its way across the prairie. The trail was bumpy and rocky, but it was better than cutting right across the buffalo grass. Cutting across buffalo grass was slow and difficult, plus which it jostled the contents of the wagons to no end. But it didn't hurt as long as you stayed off of it. Casey preferred it to the indian grass that they passed through before. The indian grass was too tall to see over. You had no idea what was lurking in there; they could've been attacked by who knows what at any time. They had to have somebody climb on top of the wagons to see over the indian grass.
Well, the buffalo grass was better. At least he could see far enough. Maybe too far. The land was really flat. They could see so far it was scary. Casey looked back at the wagon train just in time to see Charles's wagon fall into a rut and lose its wheel.
"Stop the train!" shouted Casey, "Stop the wagon train!"
The wagons slowed to a stop. Casey rode over to the disabled wagon to inspect
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Poem about nostalgia
Isaac’s Poem
The things I've seen...
Now gone forever.
It's not the same anymore;
I see things differently;
I'm a different person;
I'll never be the same.
Can I remember?
I wish I could freeze memories and emotions,
In order that I could re-live times past;
Like looking at a picture.
A picture will freeze an instant in time,
But not the feelings.
Are there feelings I've forgotten?
Looking back on memories...
I remember feelings I seldom have anymore--
And feelings back then seemed more wholesome.
I don't want to forget.
I want to re-live my younger days;
Forget about the person that I am now.
But the best I can do
Is try
To remember
So strongly
That for
An instant,
It feels like
:iconidw-chen:IDW-Chen 2 0
Gilbert And Death by IDW-Chen Gilbert And Death :iconidw-chen:IDW-Chen 1 0


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