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Edit: Soundtrack: Wicked Game by Ursine Vulpine ft. Annaca

My very first full Aurora painting :heart: The character is Kaya

Disclaimer: I wanted to make something quick (and learning how to draw buildings is still very much a work in progress), so I used this lovely stock photo by Malleni-Stock as a base for the environment, and then went nuts with editing :D I have to say I had a lot of fun! I love playing with strong light effects atm.

Do you like working with light effects?

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Art and character © Iduna Haya
Feel free to share it on Twitter/Instagram with a working link here or to my account there (click the names for the links).
Do not redistribute, claim, copy, edit, or use in any other way.
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The lightning come from the windows looks so beautiful..

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A nice edit of thze stock photo.
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Very nice Wink fella (Smileys) Biggrin fella  (Smileys) Applaud fella (Reactions)
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Oh wow, this is absolutely gorgeous! I love the slanted composition and the sense of depth created by the blurry leaves in the foreground. The color scheme is lovely too!
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Thank you! <3 
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Wonderful editing, you can barely recognise the stock photo from the work you've put into it! Amazing scene, it's nice to see something a bit different :D
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Wooow amazing! It's been a long time since the last  time i visiting dA [and see your artworks] your technique is getting better! Also, i like the atmosphere. Looks lonely, sad yet thee's still hope. I like the reflection effect a lot ^^
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Thank you! :hug: It has indeed been a while ^^ Hoe have you been? 
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ok, i like. REALLY. love setting work. and this gives off such a nice atmosphere. nice job seriously
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So peaceful~! black heart bullet I love how you painted the leaves, sun rays and the reflection in the water puddle. Those little gentle details is what makes this whole scene so magickal.
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Wow this looks epic, the reflection is so great :3
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It seems to me that I found for my phone a new wallpaper.
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Aww thank you! :hug: that's a great compliment
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I love working with light effects, and your work is incredible!! I'm now watching you because your art is wonderful ~
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