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This is a group for anything involving Idris, Sexy, the Doctor or the TARDIS from Doctor Who. It can be fluff, comics, cosplay, portraits, or anything else you can think of! We accept any Doctor and any TARDIS design.
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The Beginning of a Time
While waiting for the end, many things go through your mind.  Sitting in the decommission dockyard (or junkyard for you humans) allowed me plenty of time to do just that. I wanted to leave Gallifrey and see the universe.  I wanted to ride the Time Winds and feel free. It appeared as though that would not happen now. I was told by the other Timeships that I was old, out of date, that my time had passed. How ironic is that? I had watched as the orders were given and was placed in a state of hibernation as a precaution. I knew what was in store for me. The technicians would enter using a master key then input the override protocol to start the shut down sequence. Once the sequence was completed, they would release the clamps on my console and open the main panel allowing the artron energy from my heart to seep out. I wondered when my awareness would cease. Would it happen suddenly after the shut down protocol or slowly as my heart bled out? I was frightened but had no
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A Time of Change
"You want to do what?!"
  He came back to the stables where I had been patiently waiting and told me his plans.  I could feel the radiation as it ravaged each cell of his body.  He was in great pain which I tried to help with but could only do so much.  He needed to regenerate but he was holding back and refusing.
"Doctor, do you even realize how many companions you have had in your past?"
"Yes and I want to see how each of them is doing.  All I'm asking is for you to help me, TARDIS.   You shouldn't have too much trouble.  Lock onto their bio-signatures and materialize."  
"You're going to hold off your regeneration until I do this, aren't you?"
His silence answered my question.  I reluctantly started the procedure by locking on to each bio-signature I could find.  My fear was growing with each minute that passed as he held off the regenerative process. We r
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A Timely Gift
As Miss. Jones exited my doors, the Doctor and I found ourselves alone….again. It is never easy when a companion leaves, either because they should or they have to.  The worse is when they are taken from us like with Adric, Katarina and Sara Kingdom.   I noticed that the Doctor had neglected to put my shields back up which prompted a memory in my processors….a Time event from long ago.  It would be painful for me, but it would lift the spirits of my Time Lord.  And since this was the only Time I could do it, I went for it.  
"Doctor, do you remember from your fifth incarnation the event of the black hole and supernova that happened at the exact time?"
He paused then answered, "…Yes, I do. Why do you ask?"
"Well, just…hold on."
With that I collided and merged with another TARDIS.  Only it wasn't just any TARDIS, it was my past self. An alarm sounded as I rolled through the Vortex, momentarily out of con
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