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A while back I decided that after my 500th deviation, I'd make myself an account without the misspelling in "Idrilkeps"

I'll still check in here from time to time, but I'm going to start posting all my BJD stuff on idrilkeeps from now on :)

Feel free to add the new account  to your watch :)
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These are the dolls I own at the moment:

Skaa, Dream of Doll DoI A&D
Mio/Solíndë, Fairyland Feeple65 Chloe (human and elf faceplates)
Sofia (The Groke), Supia Roda
Zenith/Bill Kaulitz, Iplehouse YID Mars Special Version
Amaury, iplehouse SID Claude RealSkin
Lucas, Iplehouse EID Chase
Gustav/Gus-Gus, Iplehouse YID Lion (mod)
Noorah, Iplehouse YID Harin
Geo, LeekeDoll Brown head on Soom SuperGem body
Teen Arwen, Soom Rosette Muse Delilah
Sayoran, Spiritdoll Proud Camphor
Andrej, RingDoll RingTeen Petter
Ronja, Eluts Kid Delf Litchi
Pi, CherishDoll Faith Chubby
Sinus, CherishDoll Faith Jodie
Tarja/Viviane/Milla, Souldoll Zenith Shiva Human ver.
Gena, DBDoll Ninan
Baby Arwen, Iplehouse BID Serca (winter event fullset)
Elladan, Fairyland Minifee Carl
Elrohir, Fairyland Minifee Carl
Ennis, Fairyland Minifee Seorin
Mary Kate, Iplehouse JID Benny
Cassandra, Unoa Light (Unola) Fluorite

HEADS (sharing bodies with Gus-Gus and Andrej):
Hideto, Doll In Mind Hyde MiniMee
Elrohir, Doll In Mind Kaulitz MiniMee
Masa, Doll In Mind Miyavi MiniMee
Satoru, Doll In Mind Gackt MiniMee
Chacha, Doll In Mind Chachamaru (GacktJob) MiniMee
Eclipse, Souldoll Chi
Ash, Alice in Labyrinth Elijah
Extra Iplehouse Mars (Zenith)
Extra LeekeDoll Brown  (Geo)

Soom Migma Hollow head (Sofia, The Groke) <--- is at miu88 for faceup

Luts Delf Shine head with faceup by miu88
DL Koji head with faceup by Spandexboy
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In 2011 I...

- Moved into a huge, "new" house
- Got myself a temporary doll room
- Ordered and received my dream doll, Fairyland Feeple65 Chloe (Mio) :heart:
- Went crazy with my credit card
- Sold a heap of dolls you'll probably never even miss (and neither will I, except for Hephaestion, lol)
- Started collecting Monster High dolls (Lagoona, Abbey, Draculaura)
- Finally got my hands on a Unoa (Light) :heart:
- Gained weight again :(
- Realised my daughter is well on her way into her teens in more than one way
- Loved my husband to bits and pieces for everything he does for us :heart:
- Took over forum admin'ing at MTT so the forum won't die on us
- Had Ran and Tom over visiting me!
- Upgraded Sayoran from DZ to Spiritdoll
- Made new friends :D
- Started planning things for the future again
- Watched a truckload of TV series while playing online games at the same time.
- Made sure to watch the full first season of Game of Thrones while my laptop was off :P
- Sent off a parcel to Amy! Full of doll clothes, lol
- Promised stuff I didn't intend to keep to random people I don't really care about
- Promised stuff I DID intend to keep to people I love, but was unable to because of OTHER people I love, which made me feel like crap.
- Promised myself a bunch of things I didn't keep, and thus felt even worse.
- Kept some promises, and didn't feel as good about it as I hoped.
- Stood up for myself even though I knew it would make me unpopular. Several times, actually. THAT made me feel good :P
- Fulfilled at least 3 of my daughter's dreams :heart:

In 2012 I will...

- Ease down on the doll shopping, since I have or have ordered all the dolls I wanted/need now. :P
- Visit my BFF at least 2 times :heart:
- Save money for a trip to Berlin
- Tell my husband I love him (and mean it from the bottom of my heart) at least once a day :heart:
- Stand up for myself - even if it makes me unpopular ;)
- Try to be a good mother :)
- Finish at least ONE of my huge fan fic projects. (My mind is set on Middle Earth)
- Swim in the ocean
- Make someone I love happy :heart:
- Eat healthier
- Watch the 2nd season of Game of Thrones with my laptop turned off :P
- Read The Silmarillion, the Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings again :heart:
- Send off at least one letter or post card abroad
- Make a new friend
- Lose a couple of old friends (that I don't need anyway)
- Laugh more
- Think positive
- Go to at least 2 concerts (Hopefully one is Pearl Jam!)
- Play more with my dolls than I have in 2011
- Do something creative
- Worship my favourite fandoms like I was half my age and less :P
- Celebrate the full moons and the turns of the year like I used to before *it* happened :heart:
- Be true to myself
- Remember that I am responsible for my own happiness - and live by it.
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This week, two new dolls arrived; Fairyland Feeple65 Chloe and IpleHoue Elemental Guardian SID Claude.

A couple of months ago, I got the FPL65 Chloe human faceplate, and modded her eyes open before I sent her off to miu88 for a faceup - she returned PERFECT, and when I got the full doll, I was sceptical, but she turned out to be closer to the concept drawings of Mio than Mio herself (Supia Roda) :heart: Mio's regular wig is too small, though, so I'm getting her a new one... maybe two.

Anyway, FL FPL65 Chloe has been THE DOLL for me since Fairyland started selling her, but I never thought I'd be able to get her, lol
I'm till in awe, and I'm doing my best to get used to her posings, lol

... The OTHER doll - The Iplehouse Claude, is a hunky hunk and I need to have his armour painted before I can really really connect to him, I think...

... and then two Dollheart outfits arrived, and I changed heads on Georg and Sayoran, so now Georg is tall and sexy, while Sayoran is shorter and... well, still sexy :P

Pics of them all the whole doll family, too, or at least the ones I have at home right now, will be posted some time around Yule :)

Thanks to everyone for 12 800 profile views :heart:

Visitor #13 000 should mail me a screen shot of my profile and make a picture request!! :D

I'll trade picture requests for drawings/manips of my dolls!!! Simple requests for simple drawings/manips - and more sophisticated pictures for more detailed drawings!!! :D :D :D

I love you, guys :D :D :D :D
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In Europe it's already September 1st, so the twins are now 22 :D

I hope with all my heart we'll see pics from their birthday party/celebration :)
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