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These are the dolls I own at the moment:

Skaa, Dream of Doll DoI A&D
Mio/Solíndë, Fairyland Feeple65 Chloe (human and elf faceplates)
Sofia (The Groke), Supia Roda
Zenith/Bill Kaulitz, Iplehouse YID Mars Special Version
Amaury, iplehouse SID Claude RealSkin
Lucas, Iplehouse EID Chase
Gustav/Gus-Gus, Iplehouse YID Lion (mod)
Noorah, Iplehouse YID Harin
Geo, LeekeDoll Brown head on Soom SuperGem body
Teen Arwen, Soom Rosette Muse Delilah
Sayoran, Spiritdoll Proud Camphor
Andrej, RingDoll RingTeen Petter
Ronja, Eluts Kid Delf Litchi
Pi, CherishDoll Faith Chubby
Sinus, CherishDoll Faith Jodie
Tarja/Viviane/Milla, Souldoll Zenith Shiva Human ver.
Gena, DBDoll Ninan
Baby Arwen, Iplehouse BID Serca (winter event fullset)
Elladan, Fairyland Minifee Carl
Elrohir, Fairyland Minifee Carl
Ennis, Fairyland Minifee Seorin
Mary Kate, Iplehouse JID Benny
Cassandra, Unoa Light (Unola) Fluorite

HEADS (sharing bodies with Gus-Gus and Andrej):
Hideto, Doll In Mind Hyde MiniMee
Elrohir, Doll In Mind Kaulitz MiniMee
Masa, Doll In Mind Miyavi MiniMee
Satoru, Doll In Mind Gackt MiniMee
Chacha, Doll In Mind Chachamaru (GacktJob) MiniMee
Eclipse, Souldoll Chi
Ash, Alice in Labyrinth Elijah
Extra Iplehouse Mars (Zenith)
Extra LeekeDoll Brown  (Geo)

Soom Migma Hollow head (Sofia, The Groke) <--- is at miu88 for faceup

Luts Delf Shine head with faceup by miu88
DL Koji head with faceup by Spandexboy
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