Goodbye, 2011 - Welcome 2012!

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In 2011 I...

- Moved into a huge, "new" house
- Got myself a temporary doll room
- Ordered and received my dream doll, Fairyland Feeple65 Chloe (Mio) :heart:
- Went crazy with my credit card
- Sold a heap of dolls you'll probably never even miss (and neither will I, except for Hephaestion, lol)
- Started collecting Monster High dolls (Lagoona, Abbey, Draculaura)
- Finally got my hands on a Unoa (Light) :heart:
- Gained weight again :(
- Realised my daughter is well on her way into her teens in more than one way
- Loved my husband to bits and pieces for everything he does for us :heart:
- Took over forum admin'ing at MTT so the forum won't die on us
- Had Ran and Tom over visiting me!
- Upgraded Sayoran from DZ to Spiritdoll
- Made new friends :D
- Started planning things for the future again
- Watched a truckload of TV series while playing online games at the same time.
- Made sure to watch the full first season of Game of Thrones while my laptop was off :P
- Sent off a parcel to Amy! Full of doll clothes, lol
- Promised stuff I didn't intend to keep to random people I don't really care about
- Promised stuff I DID intend to keep to people I love, but was unable to because of OTHER people I love, which made me feel like crap.
- Promised myself a bunch of things I didn't keep, and thus felt even worse.
- Kept some promises, and didn't feel as good about it as I hoped.
- Stood up for myself even though I knew it would make me unpopular. Several times, actually. THAT made me feel good :P
- Fulfilled at least 3 of my daughter's dreams :heart:

In 2012 I will...

- Ease down on the doll shopping, since I have or have ordered all the dolls I wanted/need now. :P
- Visit my BFF at least 2 times :heart:
- Save money for a trip to Berlin
- Tell my husband I love him (and mean it from the bottom of my heart) at least once a day :heart:
- Stand up for myself - even if it makes me unpopular ;)
- Try to be a good mother :)
- Finish at least ONE of my huge fan fic projects. (My mind is set on Middle Earth)
- Swim in the ocean
- Make someone I love happy :heart:
- Eat healthier
- Watch the 2nd season of Game of Thrones with my laptop turned off :P
- Read The Silmarillion, the Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings again :heart:
- Send off at least one letter or post card abroad
- Make a new friend
- Lose a couple of old friends (that I don't need anyway)
- Laugh more
- Think positive
- Go to at least 2 concerts (Hopefully one is Pearl Jam!)
- Play more with my dolls than I have in 2011
- Do something creative
- Worship my favourite fandoms like I was half my age and less :P
- Celebrate the full moons and the turns of the year like I used to before *it* happened :heart:
- Be true to myself
- Remember that I am responsible for my own happiness - and live by it.
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