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I'm not sure it it's him daydreaming or if he IS the daydream but I love this shot - it's a detail shot from the "Relax" pose ([link]).
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Thank you so much :heart:
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OMG! This one is sooo cute!
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Aww :iconexcitedlaplz: this is beautiful!!!!!!!
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SOCUTE >< *squishes him*
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He is really gorgeous!
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Gosh, I adore this one.... So beautiful... :worship: Is it Billa? :aww: By the way, did you pierce his eyebrow for real?! Or is just a sticky piercing? :XD:
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It's real piercing balls and super glue ;)
Yes, it's Billah :)
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Glued piercing? Interesting combination :XD:
He's the sweetest thing on this planet.
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I love this doll. he takes great photoshoots. ;]
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Even the little dot under his mouth and black fingernails. Did it come soo Billish?
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No, it's been customized to look more like him :)
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What kind of dolls are these and where can you get them?
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They're Asian ball jointed dolls, or BJDs.
You get them either on eBay, through the international BJD forum marketplace ([link]) or directly from the companies who make them.

You buy the mold, have the face painted or paint it yourself, and then customize the dolls as you wish.

They're usually produced when you order them - and you pay in advance - which takes 1-3 months. There are around 40 different companies that sell them, so ite's a jungle out there.

I have an old journal entry with links to the shops I got my dolls from: [link]

And a newer entry with a more updated list of dolls: [link]

I'll try to make another info entry soon, with the latest additions...

I hope that answers your questions :)
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Okay thanks, can you buy them already made?
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You can buy them with their default face-up, yes, or you can send the head to face-up artists who does it for you, but both costs extra.

As for the wigs, eyes and piercings, you buy what you want; and with the clothes, you either have to make them, have them made for you or buy them from the doll companies. Most of my dolls' custom made stuff have been done by :iconspandexboy: who does face-ups and make clothes on commission.
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Alright thanks. I actually visited the website and boy they are really expensive o.o I looked on ebay and they don't have very nice ones. Do you know if they sell them in any stores?
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