:bulletblue: UPDATE 2021

Just finished reorganizing! Artists will now be responsible for submitting to the correct folders - submissions to Featured will not longer be accepted, and submissions to incorrect folders will be rejected as well. Enjoy the new setup!

:bulletblue: ABOUT US

Hello and Welcome to IDreamofJimmy, the largest Jimmy Neutron club on Deviantart! Browse around, and if you have extra time, check out IDOJ elsewhere on the web. 

:bulletblue: RULES
1. Join if you like the show (or nostalgic cartoons in general, as we have many affiliates). 

2. All art/media submitted must be PG-13 or less. No fetish content - this is a kid's show. 

3. The club leaders know best. If your art was rejected, you probably submitted it to the wrong folder or otherwise broke the rules. Message us if you have questions. 
***Welcome to the IdreamofJimmy Fanclub!***

Update January 23, 2011

IDOJ now has a tumblr! Follow us on idreamofjimmy.tumblr.com :heart:

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