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Jimmy Neutron Gender-Bender by Acaciathorn
Rock Paper Scissors by Captain-Galant
Jimmy's Blue Sky by twisted-vision
Jimmy Neutron
Jamie Neutron the Girl Genius by nmaki98
Mermay Month 2020: Jimmy Neutron by Toongirl18
Jimmy Neutron by LoryFreire
cygnus by Rainmaker113
Cindy Vortex
Jimmy Neutron- Cindy Vortex by AnnieMadeIt21
Jamie Neutron - Teen Cillian by nmaki98
Jamie Neutron - Cillian by nmaki98
Cindy Vortex (Dress Version) by NurFaiza
Libby Folfax
Jamie Neutron - Teen Levi by nmaki98
DJ Libby by P250rhb2
Jamie Neutron - Levi by nmaki98
Libby Folflax by fitzsanchez
Sheen Estevez
Jamie Neutron - Teen Sheena by nmaki98
Jamie Neutron - Sheena by nmaki98
Boomeranged Sheen Estevez by Blackrhinoranger
Sheen Esteves from Jimmy Neutron by CaptainEdwardTeague
Carl Wheezer
Jamie Neutron - Teen Carly by nmaki98
Jamie Neutron - Carly Wheezer by nmaki98
Boomeranged Carl Wheezer by Blackrhinoranger
Meeting the Lady of the Llamas by KacchakoBoy
Other Characters
Jamie Neutron - Teen Nicole by nmaki98
Jamie Neutron - Nicole Dean by nmaki98
Sticky situation by RanniRainbow
Anime screenshot by killb94
Jimmy x Cindy
Jimmy Neutron and Cindy Vortex wearing Green by Carebeargirl99
sassy kids by Rainmaker113
Jimmy and Multiple Cindy Vortex by NurFaiza
My Fav. OTP: Jimmy x Cindy by Toongirl18
Libby x Sheen
Sheen Estevez and Lbby Folfax. Is love :3 by PamFanJN
My Fav. OTP: Shibby by Toongirl18
Gym Couple - Libby and Sheen by Jose-Ramiro
Sheen and Libby. Always. by PamFanJN
Other Pairings
Family Neutron and Vortex 2 by PamFanJN
Nick and Betty in Love by nintendomaximus
Nick And Betty by Mileymouse101
Carl and Elke in Love by nintendomaximus
Friendships Groups
Plutoverse Jimmy Neutron and Goddard by NXAlpha25
Jimmy Neutron in South Park style by Arthony70100
Memes, Comics, Icons, Stamps, Etc.
Jimmy Neutron Gotta Blast Icon by happaxgamma
Fanfic Art
Retro Valley Women by Acaciathorn
Nicktoons Unite! - Chapter #1 Issue #2 (Page 45) by AleMon1097




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:bulletblue: UPDATE FEBRUARY 12, 2012

Just finished reorganizing! Artists will now be responsible for submitting to the correct folders - submissions to Featured will not longer be accepted, and submissions to incorrect folders will be rejected as well. Enjoy the fancy new setup!

:bulletblue: ABOUT US

Hello and Welcome to IDOJ, the largest Jimmy Neutron club on Deviantart! Browse around, and if you have extra time, check out IDOJ on the web:…

Here are a few reminders:

-To download JN episodes, go here:…
-To watch JN music videos, go here:…
-To read JN fanfiction, go here:…
-To get JN banners and icons, go here:…
-To talk to other JN fans, go here:
-To follow IDOJ on tumblr, go here:
- To fill out a JN meme, go here:…


Our owner is :iconacaciathorn:

:bulletblue: HOW TO JOIN

~It's simple!  Just click on the button at the top of the page that says "join this group".

Then, please MAKE SURE that you've selected one of the following from the drop-down menu: Members if you want to join automatically. IF YOU TRY TO SIGN UP AS AN ADMIN OR CO-FOUNDER, IT WILL NOT WORK, SO MAKE SURE YOU'VE SELECTED THE PROPER CATEGORY.

That's all! :hug:

:bulletblue: HOW TO SUBMIT

~At the top of the page, you'll see a button that says "submit art". Just click on that and follow the instructions! An admin will then approve your request and add the art.
PLEASE SUBMIT ONLY TO THE FEATURED FOLDER! We will organize the submissions into more specific folders.

:bulletblue: RULES
1. This is a great place to geek out over all things "Jimmy" :w00t: , but if you are utterly repulsed by even the knowledge that such a meretricious show exists, this probably isn't the place for you.  So save us all a lot of trouble ( :mib: ) and hurt feelings, and only join if you're a fan of either Jimmy Neutron or Nickelodeon.

2. All art/media submitted must be PG-13 or less, including no blatant slash. (joking is OK) The last thing we need is a bunch of WilloughbyXCarl-in-bed drawings. (ah darn it. mental picture! MENTAL PICTURE!!! :noes: )

3. The club leaders know best. Dare to challenge their mighty reign, and you will be pwned beyond mortal comprehension. :matrixfight:  Other than that go wild!
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A fanclub dedicated to Nickelodeon's 3-D animated series, Jimmy Neutron! Come see fanart of Jimmy Neutron, Cindy Vortex, Libby Folfax, Sheen Estevez, Carl Wheezer, and all your other favorite characters from Retroville!
Founded 13 Years ago
Nov 2, 2007

North America

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Thanks for the inclusion of my piece: 
Carl Wheezer - Thanks For The Llama! by The-Littlest-Dudes  
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Nicktoons Unite! - Chapter #1 Issue #2 (Cover) by AleMon1097 Where would comic covers fit?
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HI I'm new here love the arts here.
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