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'97 Corolla from Wisconsin 
By: Summer Spring (me)
*Also a Status Update*
Where have I been
Where have I been
Where have I been
I went down to Arizona in a '97 Corolla
All the way from Wisconsin
Car broke down in Kansas City
Stayed there all week
(All the way from Wisconsin)
Made it on 70 headin' to Colorado
(In a '97 Corolla)
Where have I been
Where have I been
I forgot about the Rockies
Had to take a little detour
All the way down and 'round to Albuquerque
Got stopped by a cop 
Rolled down our window, wasn't a cop
(All the way from Wisconsin)
Hauled ass outta that and left it in the past 
(In a '97 Corolla)
Where have I been
We made it to Pheonix
In a '97 Corolla
Stopped there for a week
Forgot to get Arizonian license plates
Honked at every day
(All the way from Wisconsin)
My roommate's takin' the wheel
(In a '97 Corolla)
We left as fast as we could
(In a '97 Corolla)
Sped to Albuquerque
(In a '97 Corolla)
Passed Colorado
(In a '97 Corolla)
Went to Kansas and lost a hub cap
(In a '97 Corolla)
Finally back in Wisconsin
In a '97 Corolla
Furry Oc
This is my Furry OC, Alunite. He's my original species, a Peregrino, which is a direct translation of Foreigner from Latin. ALSO, Alunite has a beak and ya know peregrine, peregrino. Anyways, I'll get into the backstory and stuff.

Name: Alunite
Age: 30
Home: Pluto, hence the ice like spikes
Likes: Cold things, Romance movies, Simple things, Earth
Dislikes: Loud noises, Gorey movies, Hot foods, Sunlight
Species: Peregrino
Personality: Curious, Alert, Sassy & Stubborn
Alunite was taught at a very young age to be cautious around new places and new friends, this stuck with him for years and years and to this day he gives new friends the cold shoulder. Alunite grew up with his father, a geologist who studied the strange ice shards that stuck out of Pluto's icy core. His mother aided the protectors of Jupiter in the war of Saturn. Alunite was more interested in other planets than his father's lectures. It was a decently boring life for Alunite but it had a few bumps, for instance the time he slipped off of a giant glacier and survived or the one time he encountered a shiny green geode, which was awesome. He developed a habit of not caring about any of his father's research or the cold. Big mistake, the cold is what blew him out of Pluto's atmosphere and drifted for a few weeks. He kept himself entertained and sane by counting the stars, and doing space acrobatics, which proved successful because he didn't seem to be insane when he reached Charon, one of Pluto's moons. The young peregrino stayed there, for a long long time before he decided to go to another planet, at first the thought scared him, but soon he rejoiced at the glimpse of another of Pluto's moons. So he left to explore the galaxy, which he is still doing 22 years later.

P.S no shading today sorry. Also you may use this species for your own Fursona and commissions. Any questions about the species 
 contact me You are welcome. 
happy holidays!
Not technically art
This is a flag I made, it's mine. So I've been more active with my school work and can't really post on deviant art too much. This is a gryphon, it symbolizes wealth and fortune, or so I hear. I'm not rich but I hope someday I win the lottery, the word someday is used loosely, I have bad luck.  Anyways happy holidays ya'll. 
[F2U] Present Icon/Emote
Edit: Any problems with the flag, tell me.  

This dragon's name is Justicia, which is Spanish for justice. 
No backstory, oh well, unimaginative me. also, it's shaded. okay, bye.  

She looked off into the distance wondering how she’ll get through what’s going on in her life. It was misty and cold that day and fog rolled off of the mossy cliffs almost like water. Brewlin didn’t care about that or the flames slowly dying behind her. Their crackling noise being blown away in the slight breeze that blew past her. Brewlin looked down to the shore and saw the brown and grey stones being plucked out of the sand by the deagulls, the red on their scaly coat just defined them even more.

The deagulls were much more different than seagulls like, take, for example, the fact that deagulls get their name because they are dead seagulls but with scales.  Sensanaz trotted up from behind her, knowing something was wrong and his most distinguishing features became less distinguishing. His ears drooping down, red eyes started to become more purple, and the shine in his wings faded. Brewlin knew it was the loss of correct temperature.

“Quit standing so close to the fire”, she told him, “Or else you might be blown away”

Sensanaz slightly took a step forward and stretched his wings and ‘accidentally’ hit Brewlin in the back. She stumbled a bit before finally taking the restless and stubborn deagasus flying to the eastern markets. Flying over the misty fields and farmhouses it was quiet . . . too quiet even for Brewlin. Sensanaz was busy thinking about one of the purple flowers he had seen in the middle of the eastern markets. Brewlin took notice of his thinking and quiet state.

“Excuse me mister thinker but don’t you think that your tricks are a bit rusty?” She said.

Sensanaz knew what she was doing and heaved a sigh but just to be a show off he decided to do a few barrel rolls. The wind, however, had different plans for them today and blew them back a bit. It was icy and cold. Brewlin could feel that the rubber band that was in her hair fell off, which let loose her blue and purple hair. Sensanaz stopped mid-roll and went back to normal flying towards the markets. He let out a questioning nicker to which Brewlin responded with,

“We’re low on food, arrows, and we need a new saddle for you since your old one is getting too small for you.”

The rest of the flight there wasn’t too quiet and was interrupted by a flock of deasparrows flying towards them, screeching. Brewlin ducked down and Sensanaz lowered his head to avoid getting hit in the face by a beak that blew fire. Once they passed they saw it, the forty-foot ogre with its blue eyes, smashing the markets.

“Not again! This happened last week”, Brewlin groaned, ”come on Sensan we should go help the market’s guard.”

Some of the guards were already up in the air with their deagasus, but their deagasus were blue and green with shiny scales and feathers. Sensanaz was jealous, to say the least, and did a lot of work to round up the stumbling ogre out of the markets and back to the mountains. The Ogre’s Mountains.

The Ogre’s Mountains are located in the southeastern part of the land. Which happens to be the coldest part of the land because it never stops snowing. Some people try to figure out why it never stops snowing, those people haven’t been seen in centuries. Some say they’re still researching the mountains and others say they went mad from the cold.

But they were just in for a quick ‘put back the ogre because he’s destroying the markets and it’s annoying’ so they were fine as long as they didn’t wake anything up from its long nap. Or get frostbite that stings for maybe a year or three considering how their medicine is being stolen every week. Well, sometimes every other week but to  Sensanaz it was almost every day if he got sick with the Winzen cold.

Well if he caught Winzen cold. But he hadn’t in the last seven months so he figured he was okay. Sensanaz sneezed at the thought of Winzen cold or any illness that he could think of really. The flight to the mountains was cold and Brewlin counted the angesheep as they flew over the farmland and fields.

The Ogre was now stumbling towards the garnet that hung in front of him, and his mountains. That’s the thing about ogres they’ll follow a prized rock for hours until they have it in their possession. That and the fact that they’re incredibly idiotic and stupid.

They’d been flying for nearly two hours when they saw the Ogre’s Mountains with their snowed on peaks and purple appearance. Brewlin was chatting to the guards about how to decrease the risk of thieves at the markets. Sensanaz rolled his eyes and did a sky-rear which nearly made Brewlin fall off of Sensanaz.

“Hey! What did you do that for?”, She looked up from Sensanaz, “Oh, we’re here.”

It was another mile to get there and would take thirty minutes if they were riding on normal deagasi but that was the one thing that Sensanaz wasn’t. For starters, he had no skin or muscle on his last three ribs or on his legs. For amateurs, his coloring was wrong even for a deagasus but he defied that law of nature by being entirely black with red eyes, under-wings, and hooves. Lastly, for people who know him well, he had no pupils or iris but for people who know him well they could usually tell where he was looking. They didn’t really know how but they could tell. Oh, and one more thing, he remembered everything from before the unknown fog came. EVERYTHING.

“Ugh, Sensanaz can’t you fly any faster?” Brewlin groaned and leaned back to look at at the sky.

That much he could do. Sensanaz put his, now shiny, wings up and leaned forward. This was like the Peregrim falcons dive bomb, quick and unnoticeable. Brewlin leaned forward with Sensanaz because if you don’t lean forward you’ll most likely get blown away.


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