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For my little cousing, i did it when she started to learn the numbers and she love it..
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Thank you for this. You could in a sense put mathematical operations in a line with the negative on one side and the positive on the other it would be something like this. Negative Dubation, Negative Gooquintation, Negative Quadrabbation, Negative Tetratration, Negative Grahamation, Negative Glocation, Negative Nalation, Negative Thirtation, Planckation, Yoctation, Zeptation, Autation, Femptation, Pication, Nanation, Micration, Millation, Centation, Negative Decation, Noventation, Negative Octation, Septation, Sexation, Quintation, Quadation or Negative Tetration, Negative Exponentiation, Division, Subtraction, Zeration, Addition, Multiplication, Exponentiation, Tetration, Pentation, Hexation, Heptation, Octation, Nonation, Decation, Hectation, Kilation, Megation, Gigation, Terration, Petation, Exation, Zettation, Yattation, Xonation, Thirtation, Nalation, Glocation, Grahamation, Tetratration, Quadrabbation, Gooquintation and Dubation. It would go something like this.