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Guild Wars - Ranger Theme

I've been playing Guild Wars a lot recently with :iconquemaqua: and he's become totally addicted. To fuel the flames, I made this PSP theme for him since he plays a Ranger.

All icons are either Ranger skills or other in-game icons anyone can see (backpack, bags, inventory stuff, etc.). The only icons not changed are the Location Free Player and Skype, since the theme creator doesn't allow them to be changed. I did my best to match the icons with what they replace, either based on icon art or skill name. Or it just looked right.

Preview image is PSP wallpaper sized if you don't like the icons.

I play a Monk, so I'll probably end up making a Monk theme. If there is enough interest I might even go so far as to make one for each class.

All art credit goes to ArenaNet. I just resized and put them together.
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Nice work Idol! Good choice on the icons too!
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nice theme, you did good work on it =D

but could you please put support for TV, plz?
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Awssome th33m
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It was awesome when it was half-finished, and it's even more awesome now. Good fun! A lot of themes feel pretty lame, but this one is great... I love how you thought out all the skills and tried to get them attached to a menu option similar in theme. Can't wait to see more! I will download the collection and rotate them daily.