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Dawn of an era

From the ninth volume of Epicstage featuring Etaru. [link]

To see more please visit: [link]

Etaru as Rosa Farrell from Final Fantasy 4.

Model:Lada Bordewick (Etaru) [link]
Style and Costume design: Lada Bordewick
Hair and Makeup: Samantha Rose. [link]
Photographer: Myself. [link]

(PoS - U.I.T.F.T)
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Sep 13, 2009, 2:39:48 AM
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Greyroamer's avatar
Excellent work! Etaru, the background, everything just blends together beautifully! My compliments to the people on both sides of the lens!
idolatrystudios's avatar
Thank you so very much! I'm really glad you liked it.
gamefan23's avatar
What great view of the city.
Of course Etaru is, as always, a great artist, as well as great cosplayer.
idolatrystudios's avatar
Yes she is. I love working with her and hope to do so again in the future?
gamefan23's avatar
Your not the only one. I also want to get to know her as the artist.
idolatrystudios's avatar
Send her a PM. I'm sure she'd be more than happy to correspond with you. She's a cool person, you'd like her.
hexlord's avatar
*thumbs up*

I like this sort of composition, the "Balance" is there.
idolatrystudios's avatar
The balance of force is strong with this Etaru. lol

Thank you man!
sorahana's avatar
I love it! I especially love the skyline in the background =).
idolatrystudios's avatar
Thank you VERY much! I'm really glad you like it.
inspiredcreativity's avatar
This came out really well. The technical values are very good. I assume the window scenes are composited. If so, they look good. I am not a fan of the blowout behind her head, but I gather you need that compositionally for the story. Her cape has some blowout.

Remember that you can protect your highlights from blowing-out, while you are adjusting the contrast/dynamic range up for the image. I posted a Tutorial on how to do it here: [link]
idolatrystudios's avatar
Yeah the blowout behind the head is just kind thing. I'm of the opinion that sometimes you should deny convention and just do as you feel. If that means you run the risk of blowout here and there, so be it so long as the rest of the image is close to being balanced.

I used to do that a lot more than I do nowadays, but every now and then it's fun for me to just say "screw it, let's see what THIS will look like?" Haha.
inspiredcreativity's avatar
I noticed you did the behind the head thing often and assumed it was part of your thing or your story line. But I was not so forgiving about the cape, LOL Remember that there is always a price to High Dynamic range, so you weigh the pros and cons. I think it is best to find a balance. If you want it high, push it to the point before the image quality starts to degrade, and no more. You look at things like your tonal and color gradients (banding is bad), look for loss of detail, going all black or white.

We need to talk sharpening. I will send you a blurb on it.
idolatrystudios's avatar
You are very very kind to give your advice like this. Thank you Matt.

I look forward to the sharpening blurb.
inspiredcreativity's avatar
Frankly, I believe we are all honor-bound to pass along what we know to the next generation, and for all of us to share as much as we can with other artists trying to learn the trade (except for certain skills that make your work unique and competitive).

For me, it is very enjoyable to work with artists like you. It is not about me "giving," it is about me "sharing."
idolatrystudios's avatar
Oh man I don't know what to say other than THANK YOU!
You have a heart of gold for sharing what you know with me and I value it beyond anything you'd believe.

I'm so glad that professional courtesy is still alive and well in this age of "dog eat dog".
inspiredcreativity's avatar
You are very welcome. Someday you can pass it forward.
idolatrystudios's avatar
I sure will. (Aka: Am)
exmotion's avatar
I think this is my favourite out of the entire set! The colours and composition are just so spot on!
idolatrystudios's avatar
This one was a personal favorite of mine as well. It's simple, and I like simple.

Thank you soo soooo much!
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