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iDNAR's Basic CG Tutorial

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Whew finally finished.

Well this is the tutorial that I said I'll do all the way back in January. It covers basically how I color the face and hair.

Well I put a lot of work and thought into this, and hopefully those who asked will find it useful. If you are a beginner, you might want to read this as well:[link]

It's the tutorial that I first learned how to CG from :).

For those of you read it, I'm curious as to what you think so please leave a comment if its not too much trouble.

I feel that I haven't explained some of the steps very clearly so if you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer them here.

1: Example of LIGHT:[link]
Example of SHADOW:[link]
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AmbiguityArtStudent Digital Artist
I've had this tutorial saved since I joined DA like 9 years ago, I only just now read it and realized it had some of the major things I only just recently learned about color and light, I could have saved so much time -.-
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DarktayleHobbyist General Artist
This makes me want to improve my people-drawing skills just to test it out :O sadly my speciality is animals and mythical creatures and it will probably always be that way. -__-

Nevertheless, I will prevail!
Thank you for the tutorial ^^
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What is CG? Can i do this with Gimp? Do i need a special Photoshop? Which hardware do i need?
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Randiness34Student Traditional Artist
But anyways nice tutorial
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Randiness34Student Traditional Artist
OMG....I made up a person with your name

my god your my shadow,Randi backwards
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montezjones2011Student Traditional Artist
I just cant blend my junk!!!! uuuugh! i hate the world and it's complications!
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KestyaHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks, that was really helpful, can you please put a tutorial up for more complex cging.
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SpectralKnightHobbyist Digital Artist
Very useful! =)
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Uh, iDNAR, right? Um, do you know where I could go to learn the 'Light' method of CG?
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this really helped me pick up the skin tones and the shading of it thank you ever so much! I'm sure I'll improve now^^
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EveSnowflakeStudent General Artist
Cool! Of caurse I knew about all these tones on skin, but usually I use it in coloring on paper or even more on canvas, but on PS I'm still new one, so this one will help me a lot! Thank you! ^_^
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Your Neji looks cooler than the real one.
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awsome tutorial!!, i have photoshop 7.0 but i dont have a pen tablet where do i locate 1?

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CometstarzStudent Digital Artist
Excuse me, but do you know how to get to that on a mac? Thank you!
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good tutorials thanks
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Oh my goodness, I have been admiring and admiring your digital work and trying to emulate it thinking, 'oh my god, how.' And lookey here. :D

Thanks so much!
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I discovered the liquefy tool some time ago and I love it. Most recently, I use it in conjunction with other tools to fix all the mistakes I make in a sketch. Then I print out a light blue copy of the pic and redraw whatever parts of it didn't come out that great in the photoshop editing. I've gone through up to 4 printings/editings before having a version I was happy with and ready to ink before. I like this technique better than erasing/redrawing 'cuz I tend to just retrace the erased lines no matter how many times I try.
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francosj12Student Digital Artist
what's a CG? sorry =P
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it looks very helpful. one question, who is htk?
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MaksnHobbyist Digital Artist
..... *licks your boots*
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excellent tutorial!! <3
thanks formincluding the part about blending. so many tuts skip over that part!
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eroseonStudent Digital Artist
Thanks so much for this!
You obviously spent quite a bit of time and effort and it's really helpful, especially all the stuff about lighting :aww:
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ive been looking for a way to take my outlines a step further ,
so this was very helpful for me.
thanks alot,

just need a tablet noe :(
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