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Selvaria Bles

Selvaria from Valkyria Chronicles. First painting in 16-bit! And probably the last for a while since my gaming rig is having a hard time keeping up :/.

Edit: Quick edit.
Edit2: Gamma correction
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Body of a sexy lady, face of a man. Which equates to: odd sense of desire mixed with huge turn off. XD
Anzac-A1's avatar
I just noticed; if you just watch her, her hair appears to move slightly, as if there's a breeze. It's weird, but cool.
colin6969's avatar
Excellent piece,  Especially with the realism that you have put into this ! :)
ShinigamiRyuku's avatar
Looks great! Very good!
el4an's avatar
I love the background. However I have to agree with others in the comments: Her ribcage is too small on the way down and with a pose like that it should be sticking out more also the way her head is attached to her neck seems to be a bit weird.
profutur1971's avatar
Beautiful image! Beauty, charmed and originality ! Good job ![link]
KillerApe-Tatsuki's avatar
Absolutely PHENOMENAL... the only thing that bothers me about the whole thing is her ribcage is unaturally smaller towards the bottom...otherwise, amazing!
TicoDrawing's avatar
niceeeeeeee........and the boobage too
DemonicBlackCat's avatar
I think the face is pretty but somehow lacking feminity. It looks like a pretty boy but a macho girl.

The boobs, there's something wrong with the boobs (looks like she's just gone into a bad surgery). and the ribcage.

But I love the color, :)
FYKePrime's avatar
Her body looks gorgeous but her face looks...old serious.
The color is amazing and the shadow effect is really attractive.
Erehime's avatar
There's something wrong with her right shoulder and her breast Oo' It looks like her boobs are at the same "place" they would be if she standed "straight". Her boobs are way too low and have to follow a paralel line to the shoulder. The ribcage is a bit small and the angle of the back should be in the middle. Dunno if I'm clear. Much simplier with a drawing ><'

By the way, love the way you coloured the skin. Just awesome, man... It's my weakness ><
Avani-Vale's avatar
Am I allowed to do a critique on such a awesome piece??

It's been so amazing watching your art grow over the last.. what.. 6-8 years? lol

The only flaw i really see that stands out the most is that her ribcage doesn't seem to jut out enough properly under her ".. bosom"

Still amazing as ever though ♥
tygrax's avatar
I do love your style and your colouring and everything but the stomach and rib cage and such looks a bit awkward. my eyes went right there. it’s odd. cause the picture is quite lovely.
Saiyachan's avatar
Lovely as always <3
lunailust's avatar
I liked this picture .... great ..
spawnshen's avatar
Nice work. She look more Asian then the original Selvaria.
spawnshen's avatar
Nice work I like her nose. Looks more like an Asian then the original Selvaria.
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