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Reika from GANTZ. Not sure if she's has a last name ._.

Ok so its really an excuse to draw a really pretty face, but I think I got captured her feel pretty well here. I think its the best face I've done so far...I'll upload a close up of it to the scraps if someone's interested.

Anyhow the pants. I was trying out a new texture techique for it and I think it worked really well. And to think I was gonna draw her without pants :P.

Was contemplating whether to put her in the suit or normal clothes...Well the pants answered THAT question...

Not sure if the gun is totally accurate, the ref pic I had was at the opposite angle.

I really need to work on my bgs...

Anyhow enjoy.
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not wearing a bra, i like it :P
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So cute!! ^^ i love her :) Such a bad ass heroine d>w<b
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Her last name is Shimohira. And she has just died in the last chapter. That's so sad...
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Very beautiful, I believe this is my favorite Gantz artwork to date.
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Nice work.
Have you ever heard of Blade of Immortal?
Some of your girls have the same touch as the girls form that comic.
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Perfect!!! I love Reika. My favorite chara in GANTZ.
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Oh, shit! DENIM...
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hello all well my friend!
I redid this pic
I liked it! the link is there for you if you want to give

Thank you and congratulations on your art
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Really beautiful! :love:
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oh, & the pants texture rocks!
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"Reika Shimohira"
nice job
& U don't have to worry about the gun-it's almost perfect
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This is amazing! Love the detail.
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Incredible work, Gantz is awesome, and Reika's great.
It's Reika Shimohira by the way. lol
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The denim texture turned out phenomenal, though drawing her without pants would have been perfectly acceptable.
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Never seen the show. Great work on the face.
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Great picture!
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Impresionante! what can i say? that is the real reika!!!! i Admirate this Work!
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How can you make the pants ?????
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that is a very nice picture of Reika indeed, so wonderfully detailed too. The hair is beautifully rendered too and the head generally brilliant. One thing though, isn't Reika's eyes a little bigger than the ones you drawn?

The pose is great too but I must wonder why is she pulling her shirt down so as to "tighten" the fit lol. She's holding a gantz gun so it suggests shes in a mission and it's curious as to why she would be tightening her shirt lol.

Anyway the body is done really nicely too, nice and 3D looking. As beautifully textured as the jeans are (i must ask what your technique is? that's if your willing to share that is :P) I think you concentrated on effect too much rather than making it look 3D with the body.

Overall 8/10 and a thumbs up from me! 8 being that I think you could have worked a little Reika sexiness into the pose her being a model and all.
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