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Yes...this gallery name -is- based on the book "Idlewild" by Nick Sagan.
Yes...the person who created this gallery is a fan and a book aholic...
BUT.... this is not just a normal gallery either...

It's a group of friends meeting in a digital enviroment to post works that we have colaborated on
This is our gallery... these are our titles....

Halloween - yes...Halloween...chosen because of the shared interests between the creator of this gallery and the charicter from the book. I enjoy cloves ((irl as well as digitaly for those who read the book)), Fall, Halloween the holiday, Orange, Black, I wear a monarch on my coat and have since before I left for has remained there long since graduation as a personal sidgel. I am fastinated by death... I love skulls, a plethera of other information that  you just...don't need to know at this time...   "'You are my Lord Halloween, Prince of the Marshes, King of Kadath, High Sovereign of the Orange and Black.' " is the quote from Idlewild...

Holiday - Directly related to Halloween... Holiday's call colors are Gold and White... lady of dragons, of tall mountains and cold shoulders...her words as cutting as any knife and her art as fluid as water. - She enjoys fanatastic literature and profound mysteries, a white dragon is her personal sign just as Halloween uses the monarch butterfly... Like her sibling, Holiday is deeply in love with books of -all- kinds...deeply and widely read though admitedly both dyslexic and both disinterested in perpetualy spellchecking.

Alcatraz - Who's sidgel is a rat. Her call colors are Navy Blue and Plum. Smart enough to get into the most interesting kinds of trouble... presenting clean clear lines. Shhhh more information will be presented later....

Nyanomic - Chaos, Chaotic, random, diverse, independant, bright, colorful electric. Appearing and disappearing at whim like a digital will o' wisp. This one's sidgel is a lightbulb...thier colors are red and yellow.

Reverie - Represented by a silver gryphon along with the colors cyan and silver. Reverie's always lived in a world of her own with the physical world ever-changing around her. People, places, and the sense of home were all strange concepts to her though all three she longed for some familiarity with. To obtain them she surrounded herself with fancies of winged beings and a world where animals and trees spoke, her art and stories to this day reflect this aspect of her childhood.

--------------------------------------------- and the jack o' lantern flickers.

There will be more people added to this circle of friends as the emails and invites go out and about... more names added... more information given...
for now... it's a matter of waiting.


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