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-------- Start Journal Entry #003 --------

I certainly did during my Lunar New Year visits. I'll have to tear myself away from the keyboard/mouse/tablet to get some extra hours of physical training.
Which reminds me of Singapore Paintball Series (SPS) 2013 Leg 1. My legs are starting to shake out of nervousness/excitement. I really want to get back to the field for some practical training ASAP.
Will also require to shake up my unit NS department to re-schedule my training or I can forget about SPS 2013 Leg 1.
So many things to do, so many distractions, so many consumed Kuih Makmurs.

-------- End Journal Entry #003 --------

Mercury Full Body Version Lineart: 100%
Mercury Full Body Version Colours: 50%
Mercury Card Version Sketch: 100%
Mercury Card Version Lineart: 50%
Kira Full Body Version 2 Sketch: 0%
Kung-Fu Robots Sketches: 0%
Lily Sketch: 0%
  • Watching: Magic the Gathering Tournament 2012 finals
  • Playing: Planetside 2 - Inglorious Basterds, Ho~!
  • Eating: Kuih Makmur
  • Drinking: Plain ol' Water
-------- Start Journal Entry #002 --------

Have not been updating my dA account lately. Sorry about that. Been busy with a lot of things starting this year. Mainly related to my day job and what not. Personal stuff.
But enough of that. Managed to get some things done and I will be posting something up for Chinese New Year. It's going to be one mega-long weekend and I am going to savour it. Or end up mugging at home doing commissions again...
No rest for the wicked.

-------- End Journal Entry #002 --------

Progress Report - Day 77
Mercury Lineart: 0%
Kira M2 Pencils: 0%
Chinese New Year Pencils: 100%
Chinese New Year Lineart: 100%
Chinese New Year Colours: 100%
Chinese New Year Upload: 0%
Kung-Fu Robots Pencils: 0%
Lily Pencils: 0%
  • Listening to: Mainly Monstercat stuff
  • Playing: Planetside 2 - Freedom-always NC
-------- Start Journal Entry #001 --------

Distractions Abound

Have been distracted by games lately and that's really bad. But with so much awesome games coming out in the same month, it's hard to resist Temptation. First, Borderlands 2. Now, X-Com: Enemy Unknown. If I were Mr Miyagi student, hewould certainly say this, "You rack disciprine!"

Maybe I need a boss to whip me around. A sexy one in a corset. That'll certainly get me motivated...

or distracted?

Idle Errant Out
Still drifting through space...

-------- End Journal Entry #001 --------

Progress Day 1
Sorcha Inks: 70% Complete
Genetrics Concept Art: 0%
CCS Arial von Bardent: 0%
Mercury: 0%
Had a chat with Lance Lister and he sure have an interesting character lineup. Much more that I had anticipated. Especially San. Can't wait to get her done up in her late game form.

Well anyways, as any artist will say, I'll be getting busy and hope to update the journal soon.

Remember to follow Lance's game on Facebook. It's an interesting view on how an Indie game grows from scratch.

Mage: The Balance Facebook Page:…
Although setup quite some time ago, I have not made any adjustments to this account...till now. Watch out for more updates and goodness in time to come. ;)