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Alberta Canada Fires Charitable Appeal - XS



PheromoneXS is deeply saddened so many lives have been drastically changed because of the Alberta fires. Houses can be rebuilt and material can be replaced, but losing everything is all the same devastating! Having so many of our friends and clients residing in Canada all of us at XS felt it was important to give back what we could.

That's why XS pledges to donate a minimum of $500 USD to the Canadian Red Cross, specifically for the Alberta Fires Appeal. As a community we hope we can make a difference and appeal to you for your assistance.

Starting today Friday 5/13 through Thursday 5/19 we have set up a special charitable donation page here: Please Help! Alberta Fires Charitable Appeal

I know that this is the very best community in all the pheromone world and that each and every member is always giving back in whatever way you can. Regardless if you can help financially or not, lets please keep these people in our thoughts and prayers. I was shocked to learn one of our very own lost everything. You can read his story on the special donations page we set up.

As a community I would love to be able to help out as much as possible, especially if we all pooled our donations together. While I'm certain those who can will, I'd like to show my gratitude to you for participating. I've set up some small tokens of appreciation for any help you can help with. It's not about coupons or discounts or sales and so regardless if we get a single $1 donation extra or thousands XS will still be donating. 

I encourage you to please help us raise even more community funds by adding a small contribution. I can see our community donation skyrocketing and offering some real needed help to our friends up North. We only can hope as a community to make a real difference.

I realize some community members would prefer to directly donate for tax reasons, or whatever, and that's okay too. If you can provide proof of your donation to the Canadian Red Cross Alberta Fires Relief Fund XS would still like to thank you. Here is a direct link to the Canadian Red Cross if you'd prefer to donate directly.
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