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   I'm not sure if anyone's interested, but I'm doing commissions now! Because I need points to help out with my groups :aww: I know my drawings aren't the greatest...but they're cheap! :XD:

Digital chibi drawings [open]

  • Basic sketch - 15 :points:
+5 :points: for basic colour
+5 :points: for background
+5 :points: for each extra person
   Sketch for InochiToHi by Idle-Emma

  • More detailed coloured drawing - 40 :points:
+10 :points: for each extra person no more than 3 extra people per drawing
+10 :points: for background
Nighke Request by Idle-Emma   The Doctor for saoirsesushi by Idle-Emma

Traditional Chibi Drawings [open]
  • Chibi headshot - 10 :points:
+5:points: for colour
    Moki - Chibi by Idle-Emma

  • Full body drawing - 15 :points:
+15 :points: for colour

  Castiel Chibi by Idle-Emma  Brian Cox Chibi by Idle-Emma  Archer by Idle-Emma  Sam's Lolita Look by Idle-Emma

  • Sketches
Headshot - 5 :points:
Full body - 10 :points:
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Notes about traditional drawings:
   When it comes to traditional drawings, I don't do backgrounds (to save ink) and only draw one person per drawing in simple poses. Colour is depended on what copic markers I have so sometimes I may have to refuse a commission.

If you'd like to commision me, you can leave a comment with what you'd like and some references (I need visual references- descriptions are very difficult to work from), or you can send me a note to discuss things further. If I take up the commission, you can pay and I will most likely have the drawing done within a week. 
If you're unsure about anything such as the cost, don't be afraid to ask. :)

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I will be making a request for sure! Good luck with your commissions in general, looks nice. :)