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From Stone

From stone she awakes and opens her eyes
In that mist filled valley of blue.
Her dreams have ended once again.

No. 02 of the 100 theme challenge: Mother Nature.
I just couldn't get the rock to blend with the model so she stands out a little too much probably. Kinda overloaded with textures as well I think. Hate when I have an idea in my head that I can't seem to get right. Maybe I should just stick to doing landscape photomanipulations :XD:

Stock Credits:

Model: [link] by *liam-stock
Rain texture: [link] by *incolor16
Stone texture: [link] by ~uj-stock
Mist texture: [link] ~Soft-stock
Waterfall: [link] by ~jenny4
Foreground rocks: [link] by *Della-Stock
Middle rocks and water: [link] by *little-spacey
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Beautifully done! I think the blending is quite fine, I would only make the (green) background more smoky and less saturated because it's raining and the far background shouldn't be this sharp and detailed. The composition and palette is very beautiful, so is the idea.
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Thank you for the advice, guess it should be less visible due to the rain. Didn't think of that :aww:
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Don't worry, practice makes perfection! Not that I know if it's ever possible to reach perfection... anyway it's better than when I drew two left hands for Angie )))
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Haha, must have been pretty annoying to realise that :XD: I've had quite a few times when I've drawn different numbers of fingers on hands.
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Different numbers of fingers is classical! :highfive:
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Looks really great!
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