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what he's seen cannot be unseen
scarred for life dude
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This makes me sad in my SOUL.
This is a really good little guy. :)
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Thank you! :'D
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adorable Meow :3 
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congrats on the only real emote on the first Add Media page!
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:thumb431463812: please god don't let him jump me...
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OHMYLORD, how do you make your emotes do damn ADOREEBLE?? :stare:
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i have no idea. xD i guess it just happens

im gonna better at animating because now i have ps cs2. but i have no idea how to use it. xD
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I wouldn't guarantee that :XD: I have CS2 and I still suck just as bad lol. I actually can't figure it out for the life of me :horrified: //a) opportunity and b) this is on the first page of emotes amg
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I just know that layers can work (figured out how to use those) But I have no idea how to use the animating feature


Thats super hard now because of all those icons there but I'm happy. xD Nobody has used it yet. :saddummy:
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Yeah, and I know that you can have less/more layers than animation frames, so I'm not sure how that works....

I KNOWW. There needs to be a separate category for plz, separate from the emotes, so that the emoticonists can get a little glory from the stuff they actually WORK for :stare: 
Awh. Just wait. It will 'splode. Trust me. I know. O - O
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me neither. xD

They shouldn't even be posted in the first place. :/ They don't own them and plus it's a miscat being there. They aren't at all emotes... PLZ ACCOUNTS SHOULD STAY AS PLZ ACCOUNTS.
It was awesome when it first started and now it's going down hill.. And it's mostly all by one person..

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Like I said, they need a whole separate category and slot for them (like where it says, deviantART, and Emoticons, it needs to say plz) so they don't screw with the real emotes. If I wanted a plz, I would go to :grump:

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This is probably everyone's face every other time I say something in the skype group. :P
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